Bitcoin Vulnerable After Shocking NFP Report
--- May 08, 2020

Bitcoin Vulnerable After Shocking NFP Report

Bitcoin shot up past $10k and has now retraced from there but it is still waiting to react to the damning NFP report tha...

--- March 13, 2020

Is This The End For Bitcoin? 

The big crash finally happened. Bitcoin lost more than 50% in its value in the past 48 hours and a lot of altcoins crash...

--- March 12, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Finally Complete 

Bitcoin halving seems almost complete as the price has successfully halved from $10.5k to $5.7k.

--- March 10, 2020

Bitcoin Correction May Not Be Over Yet 

Bitcoin has found support on the 61.8% fib level around $7.7k. This is a level that we have been mentioning for the past...

--- March 5, 2020

Bitcoin Rally Might Have Come To A Stop 

Bitcoin climbed past $9k as we predicted in our last analysis. We clearly outlined two possibilities: one that could see...

--- March 4, 2020

Biden Win Might Help Bitcoin Rally 

Bitcoin is still waiting on the stock market for its next big move but yesterday’s developments might prove to be helpfu...

--- March 3, 2020

Here’s Why Bitcoin Is Bullish For Now 

The S&P 500 (SPX) started the day in green and rallied hard which gave Bitcoin bulls the opportunity to push the price p...

--- March 2, 2020

Bitcoin Volatility Might Rise Before Super Tuesday 

Bitcoin has been trading sideways this whole time and that is because the cryptocurrency market cannot make the next big...

--- February 28, 2020

Bitcoin Fills CME Gap But Risks Loom Over 

The Dow Jones Industrial average just had the biggest single day decline in history. The stock market is in shock at the...