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Crypto Daily is the home of blockchain economy. With our international reach, including offices in Singapore and the UK, our aim is to provide our worldwide audience with a perfect cryptocurrency news solution. Our website covers a variety of cryptocurrency news, from blockchain stories to currency comparisons, as well as up to date news on wallets, mining and crypto-exchanges. We are proud of our network and our community. Our dedicated team strive to keep our customers up to date with the latest news and affairs. By using our website, you can be rest assured that our team have done the hard work for you. Our news is current, the prices are right and overall, our community is thriving. We are all very experienced within our individual fields, we want to share this experience, with you.

Crypto Daily doesn’t sleep. We are constantly working behind the scenes to improve our platform and to ensure our news is useful. What’s more, we aim to keep this service, totally free of charge. Because we live stream real prices and real currency comparisons, our audience have access to fresh data which in turn can be used to shape wise and well trusted investment decisions. Our user-friendly interface means these decisions can be made quick and of course effectively. Our news articles are generated by an in-house content creation team; however, we do encourage submissions from a range of guest writers, some of whom have very prolific careers within the cryptocurrency industry. Our interactive forum allows for an open community space in which we welcome discussions between our writers, our contributors and our audience, allowing for a space of fresh idea generation. Meet some of the people, driving us into the crypto-revolution:

Our Team

Project Manager - Carl Liver


I am responsible for overseeing Crypto Daily and all of the projects that run within the company. This includes marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and overseeing our news correspondents and team of journalists. Cryptocurrency is very important to me, which is why I have been involved in Crypto Daily from the very start. We aim to build a community, one that is made up of like-minded crypto enthusiasts such as myself.

Senior Digital Marketing Officer - Rheace Jones

I am responsible for leading the social media team and all aspects of digital marketing at Crypto Daily. I am also for ensuring all Crypto Daily news is shared across other social networks and marketing platforms too. My expertise in marketing and social media management ensures that no matter which social media accounts our readers use, they always have access to quality content from Crypto Daily.

Lead Back End Developer - Scott Robinson

I am responsible for ensuring the Crypto Daily website is working flawlessly and is able to handle the thousands of visitors we receive per day. As Lead Back End Developer, I am also responsible for ensuring that the website remains secure and that new features are added to the site in a safe and timely manner. I am always working behind the scenes to ensure Crypto Daily remains on top of it’s game.

Lead Front End Developer - Gary Charnock

I am responsible for the design and upkeep of the Crypto Daily website. I am passionate about ensuring the brands ideals are always represented within a clear cut and easy to use website. I am fond of generating and implementing new ideas that are essential for ensuring the growth of Crypto Daily. I also work on all graphics for Crypto Daily, helping to improve the look of our original content.

Lead Content Executive - Nathan Bentley

As Lead Content Executive for Crypto Daily, I am responsible for ensuring that our team of authors, journalists and guest writers are working to the absolute best of their ability. I am not there to stop news being uploaded, rather, I am responsible for ensuring that our news remains balanced, unbiased and most importantly, well-informed. I am also responsible for ensuring all content shared on our external channels (YouTube & various social media) is up to scratch.

Video Media Executive - Aidan Minter

I am responsible for the management of the official Crypto Daily YouTube channel. I am here to ensure the organic growth of our video content and to ensure that all content submitted is produced and edited to the highest quality. A key part of my role is the publication of scripts which are then in turn sent to our presenters and to our video production team.

Head of Sales - Jason Hunt

I lead the sales team at Crypto Daily and am responsible for handling customer enquiries and all aspects of our sales journey. Our sales enquiries generally focus on selling web space and advertising space. I also follow leads and generate new partnerships in order to establish relationships with other leading news sources, crypto and blockchain applications and other entities within the blockchain economy.

Trading Analyst - Fakhan

I work as the key Trading Analyst for Crypto Daily and provide the team with regular analyses and updates regarding the technical performance of all cryptocurrencies on the market. I am responsible for the production of articles and posts for Crypto Daily’s own technical analysis section and spend my time monitoring and commenting on the varied moves the markets make on a daily basis.

Marketing Consultant - James

I work as the marketing consultant for Crypto Daily to help fine-tune their marketing strategy. My experience as a business coach and sales funnel expert means my knowledge goes a very long way in ensuring that the word of Crypto Daily reaches the masses. I'm instrumental in Crypto Daily capturing more leads and driving real traffic into their network. My marketing plan gives Crypto Daily the edge in ensuring that what we write, gets heard.

Youtuber - Mark Nezvisky

I'm responsible for filming fresh, daily market, blockchain and crypto news for Crypto Daily's YouTube Channel. We cover a variety topics and coins to suit the taste of different investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts. For many years my background was mainly in Recruiting and Marketing. I also enjoy running a musical YouTube channel in my spare time.