Editorial Policy

Crypto Daily strives to provide its readers with breaking news, analysis, exclusive interviews, and op-ed articles. We aim to become the go-to media outlet for everything crypto and blockchain.

Our Mission

While we acknowledge a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) in the crypto space, we will always strive to get to the core of the problem to inform and educate our ever-growing user base. At the same time, our readers need to understand that we are not the first and last word in crypto – It is up to them to make an informed decision. Our job here at Crypto Daily is to provide fair and accurate reporting that the industry so desperately needs. With passion and love for the industry, we work daily to provide an honest review of the market condition. 

Copyright & Attribution

Crypto Daily adheres to the strictest journalistic standards. All content is based on original sources, with acknowledgement given to the primary source. We rely mainly on authoritative news agencies such as Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC and Forbes. If a topic has already been covered by another news outlet, we will always acknowledge that source. 

Ethics Policy

When searching for a topic to report on, our writers adhere to guidelines that align with accepted ethical journalistic standards. It is, however, essential to note that given the fast-paced nature of news reporting, these rules are not clear cut and set in stone, and some stories may be reported on differently in some circumstances. 

Crypto Daily is an independent media outlet, meaning that coverage lacks personal interests. Crypto Daily does not practice “pay for play” journalism. Writers are prohibited to the strongest degree from accepting payment of any kind for coverage of specific crypto projects or issues. 

Fair Reporting

Our content writers strive for fair and balanced reporting. They are committed to getting to the bottom of every story, ensuring that Crypto Daily’s readers get the most accurate picture of events and are informed of every side of the story. Occasionally, our writers will publish somewhat controversial opinion pieces on a particular topic, but we believe we must share an opinion or shed some light on projects or events. We are always ready to hear the other side of the story and act accordingly.

No Crypto Tribalism

Crypto Daily is above crypto tribalism in any form. As such, we cover a diverse array of crypto projects that reflect the actual state of the industry. 

No Fake News

Our writing team meticulously fact-checks each article before publishing it to ensure we accurately report the news and current events. However, mistakes do happen. Should we make a mistake, we will acknowledge it.

We Cannot Be Bought

Nobody controls what we say and how we say it. Crypto Daily vows to always act in the best interest of its users. Accordingly, we do not accept payments from organisations to promote projects. Any op-ed article reflects the opinion of its author and will clearly state as much. 


Mistakes do happen – we are only human. If a member of our audience should find any factual errors, we encourage them to inform us. To maintain the integrity of our reporting, we carefully review all alerts and will correct a story if it indeed contains a misstated fact. All corrections are specified in an editor’s note added at the top of the story. Additionally, we also correct erroneous information on our various social media platforms. If the published material contains inaccuracies, Crypto Daily writers are ready to make all the necessary corrections as soon as possible. If you suspect one of the articles contains errors, please inform our management at [email protected]. We request that you provide a link with the misstated fact and your corrected version. Please allow up to 24 hours to verify any alerts.