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What Could Happen To Litecoin After It Halves? Crash Or Revival?

The halving of Litecoin is just under a month away and with that, the fourth-biggest cryptocurrency is starting to slow down and we can see the cracks starting to show. After seeing a high for the year at $146 at the end of June, Litecoin has seen some significant losses with more than a 40 percent drop in under a month. But according to one analyst, the worst isn’t over yet. Benjamin Blunts has shared his forecast on Litecoin’s future price action with his prediction coming in the form of a sandwich where two pieces of good news enfold the...

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Is Litecoin The Future Of Crypto Payments?

The merchant advisor to Litecoin Foundation Jonny Moore is noting how Litecoin, Bitcoin and other digital assets could become more stable for use on everyday purchases. In a new video, Moore said: “A lot of people say, Jonny, Bitcoin is never going to be a good payment system because it’s too volatile. That’s why we need Libra coin. That’s why we need stablecoins, they say. Guys, we’ve already solved this problem.” For those that don’t know, in order to use cryptocurrencies like Litecoin for everyday purchases and to get merchants onboard by accepting digital assets as a payment method, Moore...

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Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 15 July 2019

Litecoin Litecoin (LTC/USD) extended recent losses during yesterday’s North American session and traded below the 92.00 figure for the first time since 24 May. Stops were elected below the 95.86 area, representing the 61.8% retracement of the move from 64.86 to 146.00.  The pair’s next downside retracement level related to that range is the 84.01 area, and Stops are likely in place below this level as well. Price activity is approaching a couple of critical levels and if they are broken, bearish sentiment will likely continue. The 88.68 area is the next immediate downside target and it represents the 23.6%...

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Litecoin (LTC) Halving FOMO Likely To End Badly Based On Previous Experience

History may not always repeat itself but it does rhyme. In the case of Litecoin (LTC), it has rhymed very closely and that too just close to the next halvening. If we compare the current halvening to that of August, 2015, we can see that the price topped out before the halvening. This is not an assumption; it is a fact and it is right there on the chart. LTC/USD topped out weeks before its previous halvening and a lot of retail traders were left disappointed. That disappointment continued during and after the halvening which resulted in further sell off...

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NFL Football Team Adopt Litecoin As Its Official Cryptocurrency

With two NFL championships under their belt, the Miami Dolphins have just adopted Litecoin as their official cryptocurrency. This is the first time an American football team has adopted a cryptocurrency which is a huge step forward to adoption, the Litecoin Foundation has announced that “this unique partnership creates a powerful alignment between Litecoin and one of the world’s most recognizable sports brands in the Miami Dolphins.”  As reported by CryptoBriefing, this is a big deal and a key partnership. There is a significant effort being made to implement the Litecoin brand with “in-game branding, advertising opportunities at Hard Rock...

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