Applications of NFT in Gaming
cryptocurrency October 30, 2020

Applications of NFT in Gaming

The applications of NFT are numerous; gaming is one of the biggest industries in which NFT is useful.

--- May 13, 2019

New Integrated Resort In The Philippines On The Horizon

After a lengthy stand-off between gaming regulator PAGCOR and Waterfront Philippines Inc, the Philippines Court of Appea...

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Chinese International travel hits $258 billion

According to a recent report by GetGoing Travel Insurance Chinese consumers collectively spent nearly $258 billion on in...

--- May 11, 2019

Market Cap of Gambling Digital Currencies tops $100 million.

According to a recent report from the market capitalization of digital currencies dedicated to ga...

--- April 29, 2019

Japan Set For 1st Ever Integrated Resort Expo

If you had doubts that Integrated Resorts were not the next big thing – the amount that are springing up all across Asia...

--- April 25, 2019

The Sun (City) Rises In Vietnam

Hot on the heels of becoming the majority shareholder in Russian Integrated Resort operator Summit Ascent Holdings, Sunc...

--- April 9, 2019

Macau’s Gross Gaming Revenues Predicted To Hit Stratospheric Levels

According to a recent report by Morgan Stanley, Macau's total gaming revenues and industry valuation might top $50 billi...

--- April 1, 2019

BIG Africa Supershow – The Gateway To Africa’s Gaming Market

The 2019 BiG Africa Supershow this year was held on the 25th and 26th March at the luxurious Emperors Palace in Johannes...

--- March 25, 2019

The Gaming Industry Is Delivering An Astounding Array Of Positives Across The Board

The casino gaming industry is positively booming and continues to expand in tremendous leaps and bounds as VIP/High Roll...