Chinese International travel hits $258 billion

Chinese International travel hits $258 billion

According to a recent report by GetGoing Travel Insurance Chinese consumers collectively spent nearly $258 billion on international travel in 2018- twice the combined amount travelled by people from USA and Germany.

One hundred million Chinese travel to foreign destinations but the surprising statistic is that on average they fly just 65 miles vs the 227 flown on average by US residents, 285 miles flown by Germans, 271 flown on average from the UK and a massive 632 miles flown by the average Canadian.

China’s high total spending on international travel and the low average number of miles flown tell us that the majority of residents who don’t travel very far but do spend a lot of money visiting nearby countries.

China is home to approximately 1.4 billion people, and a relatively small percentage of Chinese now have the financial ability to travel internationally but the number of people able to, is snowballing every year and most stay relatively close to home.

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