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Ethereum Classic’s Atlantis Upgrade To Start Testing This Month

The Ethereum Classic network is getting ready for another upgrade with its developers rounding up their ideas to smoothly bring in the Atlantis upgrade. The development team held a developer call last week on June 6th, where they talked about their plan to pull the testnet activation of the upgrade forward. Although, the upgrade could be accelerated to as early as next week, rather than the initial release date of early August. So as it seems that Atlantis is getting a test run this month instead, a developer on the Ethereum Classic network, Soc1c has said: “The July 1st target...

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TRON & ETC: Will They Hit All-Time Highs Before EOY?

After I woke up and got ready for the day this morning, I took a look at CoinMarketCap to see that the market was shining green. It was a nice change of pace from seeing the market bleeding red or being multi-coloured, to instead see something more bullish for the future. A lot of altcoins are performing well right now and many of them seem to be getting ready to reach an all-time high before the year's end. With this, let’s take a look at two of the top altcoins that could potentially hit an all-time high by the end...

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Risks Sell-Off As Price Runs Into Trend Line Resistance

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has rallied successfully on short term bullish revival in the market. The price is now retesting a strong trend line resistance that it is unlikely to break. This is because the price has rallied too far too fast and now lacks the strength to break past it. This is likely to result in a rejection which will then push ETC/USD back towards the bottom of the ascending channel. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a recovering blockchain project with promising prospects long term. However, it has a history of lagging behind when the rest of the market rallies. That...

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Updates on Ethereum Classic Network Revealed by Developer

The coordinator of technology at Ethereum Classic Labs, Steven Lohja has recently published an extensive blog post which announced some key updates regarding the continuous development of Ethereum Classic, a Turing Complete and proof-of-work platform for developing decentralised applications. After it’s launch in January, ETC Labs Core was allegedly designed in order to extend “support and move the Ethereum Classic ecosystem forward,” according to Lohja. He later added that over the course of the initial months of ETC Labs Core’s design, the organisation: “Reached important milestones with ETC-ETH compatibility, vital data analytic tooling, fundamental specifications to improve the DApp development...

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Risks A Fall Below $6 As Bullish Momentum Fades

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been a good performer in the last few months contrary to investor expectations and past experiences. It seems that the new leadership under ETC Labs is doing enough to convince investors that the cryptocurrency has a promising future and it has here to stay despite the ETC Dev shutdown or the recent 51% attack. The daily chart for ETC/USD shows that it rallied better compared to most cryptocurrencies and doubled in price from its December, 2018 low. That being said ETC/USD has faced a clear rejection at the top of the ascending channel it has been...

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