Uniswap vs SEC, Cardano Faces Descending Stress. Investors Believe Raboo Will Explode Post-Launch

Uniswap vs SEC, Cardano Faces Descending Stress. Investors Believe Raboo Will Explode Post-Launch

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In the last decade, cryptocurrency has evolved to be the fastest-growing industry in the world. It has caught the attention of the authorities, and as a result, SEC crypto crackdowns on big crypto firms have been on the increase. The latest victim is Uniswap (UNI), and Cardano (ADA), being a smart contract platform, is not exempt from its legal glare. 

As a result, there’s been some inconsistency with both UNI and ADA prices, paving the way for a hot new token in Raboo. Raboo is a groundbreaking new project with massive moon potential. It is currently in presale Stage 3, and experts believe a 100x price explosion post-launch could be on the cards. 

Uniswap vs. SEC crypto war intensifies

It had always been a coin toss on how crypto legislation would look, but today, the lines seem less blurry. After vanquishing Binance a few months ago, the SEC has turned its sights on Uniswap, issuing it a Well’s notice.

This notice signaled an impending hostile investigation into the DeFi platform, but Uniswap has sworn to fight the power. As the SEC crypto investigation continues, other crypto platforms have rallied behind Uniswap. There’s no telling how the inquiry will end, but bringing down one of the biggest DeFi platforms will not be easy. 

UNI has gone through ups and downs over the last month, but it has mostly been in the green. It currently trades around $7 and turns in the SEC crypto investigation could cause sudden price shifts.

ADA struggles to break even after ETF launch

In late March, the Swiss Stock Exchange introduced CASL, a Cardano staking ETF that promises to disrupt the market and boost the price of ADA. However, ADA has struggled to break even since then despite experiencing a price hike shortly after the event. 

ADA has been trading vertically ever since. It is up on the monthly chart, posting a gain of 10%. In the last seven days, it has gained a decent 8.49%. With a new upgrade on the books, ADAcould be set for a price surge. Should the SEC crypto war hit close, the price could tank. 

Raboo set for price explosion post-launch

Raboo may be the next top meme coin. It integrates SocialFi and AI elements to create a vibrant community. The platform creates a hub of crypto lovers where $RABT holders can compete in fun-filled meme-generating activities to earn rewards and win prizes. 

Crafted from cutting-edge AI tech, Raboo aims to be a top 20 crypto coin and challenge other top meme tokens. Currently, there are 6000 members and 2000 $RABT holders, and the numbers just keep climbing. 

Raboo is in presale stage 3, at a price of $0.0042 per token. Analysts expect this hot new token to appreciate 100x before the presale ends and shoot to the moon thereafter. 

Get today’s hot new token

As the SEC crypto war intensifies, tokens like ADA and UNI might be in peril. That’s why savvy investors are rushing Raboo’s presale. The token is set for a price explosion, and early investors stand to make the biggest profits. 

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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