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Founder Institute Partners with Polkadot To Empower Web3 Startup Founders

Founder Institute Partners with Polkadot To Empower Web3 Startup Founders

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The Founder Institute has forged a strategic alliance with Polkadot, heralding the commencement of the inaugural Web3 cohort within its Core Program.  

Collab Announcement

On May 14, the renowned pre-seed startup accelerator Founder Institute unveiled its landmark collaboration with Polkadot via The partnership aims to pioneer the first-ever Web3 cohort within the Founder Institute's Core Program, setting the stage for a transformative journey in startup acceleration and Web3 technology education.

The institute announced the news on on May 14, 

“We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between the Founder Institute (FI) and the Polkadot ecosystem. This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting chapter as we launch the very first Web3 cohort in the Founder Institute’s Core Program. Our cooperation is set to revolutionize the landscape of startup acceleration and Web3 technology education.”

Program Details

The inaugural Web3 cohort is scheduled to start on May 28 and last until September 3. This program is tailored for Web 3.0 builders, developers, and founders and aims to drive the adoption of Polkadot and inspire developer teams to harness the dynamic Polkadot ecosystem. Led by esteemed experts from the Polkadot community, the cohort will spotlight startup founders with a strong emphasis on Polkadot technology. The two companies aim to elevate Web 3.0 startup founders by empowering them to run a startup and providing access to funding opportunities.

Polkadot Ambassador Signs MOU

In adherence to Polkadot's decentralized ethos, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been released, underscoring the commitment to transparency and community oversight. The MOU will ensure fairness and openness in managing this significant partnership, aligning with Polkadot's principles.

Irina Karagyaur, the Head Ambassador of Polkadot, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, writing, 

“Polkadot will be a key program partner in the Founder Institute's historic first Web3 cohort, bringing support from its network of distinguished experts from the Polkadot Ecosystem. To inaugurate this chapter with them gives the first-mover advantage to our ecosystem.” 

Karagyaur also outlined plans to leverage insights gained from the inaugural cohort to tailor support for future cohorts, particularly regarding the specific needs of founders within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Responsibilities of Founder Institute And Polkadot

Under the collaboration, the Founder Insitute will be responsible for including the Polkadot branding on the FII Program website, introducing all enrolled startup founders to Polkadot, and allocating two mentor slots for Polkadot within the program. The Founder Institute will also need to facilitate the opportunity for Polkadot to present at any desired session during the program as well as communicate Polkadot’s special offers to enrolled founders. 

Polkadot will be responsible for recommending mentor(s) from the ecosystem, presenting at different program sessions, providing the marketing collateral required for branding and creating special offers for enrolled founders. 

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