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French Government Set To Ban Private Cryptos Like Monero & Dash

According to the latest reports, the Finance Committee of France’s National Assembly have suggested that they could look to ban privacy based cryptocurrencies, meaning cryptos like Monero, Dash and Bitcoin Private could soon be ruled out under French law. This isn’t the first time we have seen states try to outlaw private coins, it does seem that the global consensus for cryptocurrency is positive, until governments start to consider the real privacy focused projects, they obviously don’t want to hand over total control to the masses… In a report published by the committee, Éric Woerth, the Minister of Budget and...

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South American Adoption Of DASH

Last week, Dash took to Twitter reveal that their native cryptocurrency, DASH would start to be accepted as a new method of payment in ten Church’s Chicken restaurants in Venezuela. As it says in the announcement, customers of the local church chicken chain in Venezuela will now be able to order food and decide if they want DASH to settle their orders. This can be simply done by scanning a QR code with the customer's wallet and total order sum. The announcement (see below) is a crucial moment for cryptocurrency adoption as a viable method to pay for goods and...

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Dash Is Bracing The Storm

Throughout this year we have seen one consistent factor and that is the bear market. The constant downtrend has seen Bitcoin and the rest of the market lose quite a significant amount of their value. During the 2018s bear market, the firm behind the altcoin, Dash, Dash Core Group hasn’t said much over the past few weeks and there hasn’t been much news about the coin or the group behind it either. With this Rumours sparked that the project is dead in the water but despite this, the CEO of Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor said in a recent blog...

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