SYN CITY Tops The Daily Binance NFT Trading Rankings After Successful IGO 

SYN CITY Tops The Daily Binance NFT Trading Rankings After Successful IGO 

SYN CITY has become the top NFT collection on the market after its IGO launch on the Binance NFT platform. As momentum continues to build, more eyeballs will be on this NFT collection and how the Mafia Metaverse is taking center stage. 


Things are moving swiftly for the SYN CITY NFT collection. The free-to-play play-to-earn mafia-themed metaverse game focuses on several key elements. Players can strategize, battle, acquire, trade, govern, and build their mafia family and empire the way they see fit. The project secured $8 million in funding earlier this year with the help of Goat Capital and Twitch co-founder Justin Kan. 


SYN CITY held its Initial Game Offering (IGO) on the Binance NFT platform to keep the momentum going. During the IGO, investors and players could acquire various limited-edition NFTs and their in-game assets exclusively designed for Binance. It is a solid way of strengthening ties between the company and SYN CITY's team. 


The IGO concept attracts ample attention as various top-tier blockchain games bring their NFT collections to Binance NFT. Moreover,g ane developers can embrace the IGO model to bring upcoming games to the masses. All dropped content relates to in-game assets, including experience points, legendary items, and skins, among other things. 


Following the IGO on Binance NFT, SYN CITY quickly shot up the rankings. It is now the number 2 top collection for the past seven days and the top collection for today. The more than 10,000 sales are fueling that momentum - well ahead of competing projects barely reaching 500 sales or more - and a stable floor price of over $385. 



SYN CITY paves the way for building and exploring a broader "mafiaverse" through a unique governance system dubbed Mafia-as-a-DAO (MaaD). The system incentivizes every player and allows them to join or create a syndicate. Enthusiasts will know how important syndicates are to the Mafia world. 

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