Silent Protocol Launches ‘Ghost Layer’: Introducing Layer 1.5 To Ethereum Ecosystem

Silent Protocol Launches ‘Ghost Layer’: Introducing Layer 1.5 To Ethereum Ecosystem

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Silent Protocol, a leading innovator of privacy-centric blockchain technology, has introduced the ‘Ghost Layer’ — a new modular Layer 1.5 (L1.5)addition to the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Silent Protocol’s Ghost Layer bridges the gap between Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2), improving interoperability and compliant privacy in blockchain applications. Suited to both retail and institutional applicants, the Ghost Layer facilitates an interoperable leap in blockchain privacy tech innovation.    

The Ghost Layer

Silent Protocol’s Ghost Layer utilizes a zero-knowledge (ZK) system in congruence with its custom 0VM (Zero Virtual Machine) technology. This pairing of technology not only enables private asset storage, but also supports omni-directional movement of value between blockchains. Furthermore, 0VM technology allows update verification and base ledger utilization for state validation via zkSNARKs — ensuring security while advancing the state of the system.

According to Silent Protocol’s co-founder and CTO, Isa Sertkaya, the Ghost Layer’s primary advantage is its foundation being based on Ethereum and the resulting support for Ethereum-based assets. “[...] the Ghost Layer achieves modularity not by capturing value vertically but by enabling horizontal composability across different chains,” Sertkaya explained. 

Through this approach, Silent Protocol advances the flexibility and modularity of blockchain applications — enabling them to operate without being bound to the confines of a single blockchain.

Silent Protocol’s founder, Novachrono, elaborated further on the strategic position of the Ghost Layer within blockchain hierarchy. “If you create a ledger whose state is decided by the base ledger but the computation is stored elsewhere—you can call it a Layer 1.5,” he said. Positioning the technology strategically between L1 and L2 combines the resilience of base layer processing with advanced interoperability and privacy functions.

Supporting Innovations: Silent Compliance VM & EZEE

The launch of the Ghost Layer follows on from Silent Protocol’s previous innovative releases in 2023 — the Silent Compliance VM and EZEE framework.

The Silent Compliance VM decentralized protocol was developed and introduced to hinder bad actors by selectively revealing data. Meanwhile, the EZEE framework was released to address challenges posed by state denial and to introduce fully composable architecture capable of supporting functional privacy. EZEE has empowered developers, enabling them to create entire ecosystems of applications, free from the confines of isolated systems. 

Ghost Layer Implications

Silent Protocol’s introduction of the Ghost Layer signifies the protocol’s progressive development towards increasingly compliant, secure, and composable blockchain privacy tech.

Through the modular L1.5 Ghost Layer, developers across multiple blockchains will be able to turn existing applications into privacy-preserving applications (0dapps). This push towards increased privacy, scalability, interoperability, and decentralized app (dApp) development will encourage further innovation in the blockchain privacy tech space. 

Furthermore, the implications of Silent Protocol’s Ghost Layer also impact future regulation of blockchain technology. The Ghost Layer maintains access to mainnet liquidity without exposure to potential legality risks later on — keeping the focus on privacy without sacrificing regulatory compliance. 

The combination of all these elements and regulatory foresight help support further blockchain technology adoption for both retail users and institutions.

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