Smart Wallet Brillion Hires New CEO, CPO & CMO To Accelerate Web3 Adoption

Smart Wallet Brillion Hires New CEO, CPO & CMO To Accelerate Web3 Adoption

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The smart wallet startup Brillion had some brilliant news to share today, welcoming three new, high-profile executives to its team, including a new CEO in the shape of Nibras Stiebar-Bang, who previously oversaw the development of the Concordium Layer-1 blockchain. 

Prior to holding a dual role as Concordium’s Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer, Stiebar-Bang worked at Spotify, where she was in charge of managing its cross-functional teams. It’s clear then that she brings a wealth of experience to Brillion, which is one of the most ambitious smart wallet projects around. 

What Is Brillion? 

For the uninitiated, Brillion is the official crypto wallet for the Nexera ecosystem, and it provides unfettered access to that project’s extensive range of Web3 tools, including a decentralized identity service known as Nexera ID and Arkefi, which is an investment platform centered on real-world assets or RWAs, such as tokenized art, real estate and luxury goods. 

While focused on AllianceBlock’s ecosystem, Brillion is an extremely capable smart crypto wallet in its own right, with support for multiple DeFi protocols and hundreds of crypto tokens, enabling activities such as trading, gaming and more from directly within its app. As a smart wallet, it also supports next-generation features such as social login and recovery, doing away with the need to remember a seed phrase, plus verifiable credentials to enhance user security and give them more control over their identity-related information. 

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of Brillion is its ability to integrate directly with users’ traditional bank accounts to simplify crypto onboarding. With this unique capability, it supports seamless fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchanges, giving users the ability to easily move funds between their bank account and Web3 with some of the lowest fees in the business. The integrated bank accounts also makes Brillion the perfect platform for sending remittances, with its fees said to be six-times cheaper than traditional services. Users can send fiat to any country in the world, exchanging their money for crypto to perform the swap instantly, before exchanging it back to fiat again in the recipient’s favored currency. 

From Web2 To Web3 

With Stiebar-Bang at the helm, Brillion is now looking to strengthen its already comprehensive smart wallet offering and further tighten the integration between traditional finance and digital assets. The new CEO will oversee every aspect of Brillion’s growth strategy, keeping a watchful eye on innovation, product development and day-to-day operations, while heading up talent management. 

Stiebar-Bang said Brillon is committed to simplifying the transition of users from Web2 to Web3 by making it more accessible and intuitive. “Our focus on extending into RWAs, DePIN and Autonomous Agents signifies our dedication to innovation and user-centric design,” she said. “Our goal is to seamlessly connect the digital world with the real world by providing billions of users with the UX standards they now expect from online financial services.”

Joining her in this mission will be the company’s new Chief Product Officer Gantavya Sharma and Chief Marketing Officer Sunny Sian.

Sharma has accumulated experience working in both Web3 and traditional finance, having previously held leading roles at Bitstamp, Fiserv and Barclays Bank, with a focus on the development of crypto, banking and payments products. At Brillion, he’ll help to pioneer yet more innovations that extend its usefulness as a portal for digital, real-world assets. 

“Our vision at Brillion is to be the platform that allows our partners to develop experiences that shape this future,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Brillion’s marketing team will be bolstered by its new leader Sian, who previously worked at Polkadot and ConsenSys on Web3 products and services such as MetaMask, Diligence, Infura and Linea. In his new role, he will head up Brillion’s marketing strategy in order to grow its customer base and accelerate brand engagement. 

Sian said what attracted him to Brillion is its smart capabilities that dramatically simplify the Web3 experience for users, making modern finance accessible without barriers. "Web3 Wallets are here to stay, but they often feel unnecessarily complex, almost to a fault,” he pointed out. “With the rise of smart wallets and this category's exciting use cases coupled with improved automation, security and UX, we should embrace these innovations alongside today's behavioral patterns.

Stiebar-Bang, Sharma and Sian were given a warm reception by Brillion’s board members Rachid Ajaja and Matthjis De Vries. “We’re confident that under their leadership Brillion will bring the next billion users to web3 by bridging the gap between its digital and real world applications,” they said in a statement. 

The executive trio’s immediate focus will be on transforming Brillion into a smart wallet that brings digital assets closer to real-world use cases in areas such as compliance, ease of use, security and integration with traditional banking services. 

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