Entangle Unveils Mainnet Boasting Omnichain-Powered Interoperability

Entangle Unveils Mainnet Boasting Omnichain-Powered Interoperability

Today Entangle, a leading data infrastructure layer, marks its most significant move in the blockchain sector — officially launching its mainnet. After two arduous years of development and a thoroughly trialed testnet phase, years of hard work behind closed doors has finally paid off. 

This mainnet milestone in Entangle’s development sets it up to become one of the prominent figures in the omnichain space — solidifying future innovation through interoperability solutions. The fundamental elements of the launch include the Entangle Blockchain, Entangle Explorer, Photon Messaging, Validators, Delegation, and e-Bridge — each component functioning to improve connectivity between different blockchains. 

The Entangle Blockchain takes this a step further, featuring a layer architecture consisting of the Application Layer, Modules Layer, and the Tendermint Consensus Layer. Working in conjunction with one another, Entangle Blockchain’s architecture supports an average block time of less than 2.8 seconds — almost five times faster than Ethereum block time.

One of the standout features, Photon Messaging, facilitates omnichain development extending across 16 EVM and non-EVM blockchains — including Solana. This functionality optimizes Entangle’s versatile approach to interoperability and its reach across the blockchain community.

With the introduction of the Entangle mainnet, NGL token holders will gain the opportunity to stake — earning rewards, securing the Entangle blockchain, and benefiting from promotional upcoming events within the Entangle Ecosystem. The process of staking is fundamental to securing the Photon Messaging system — ensured through the delegation of tokens to the Entangle validators and agent network.

To date, there are 71 validators in total — featuring high-profile industry leaders like Hashkey Cloud, Rhino, Nodefi, and DaiC. Furthermore, remarkably, around 25 million NGL tokens have already been delegated or staked by the community — attesting to the strength and confidence of the community when considering Entangle’s future potential.

Looking ahead, Entangle has plans to onboard an increasing number of agents willing to accept delegations and stakes from users. By visiting the Entangle Explorer, users can select their transmitter agent or validator to delegate their tokens. Through these initiatives, Entangle is on a trajectory to expand its service offerings exponentially in the times to come. 

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