BigPump Price Prediction - Is $PUMP Dead, Best New Meme Coins To Watch

BigPump Price Prediction - Is $PUMP Dead, Best New Meme Coins To Watch

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BigPump (PUMP) saw a massive surge in its price shortly after launching for trading in March 2024, bringing significant returns to presale investors. However, it couldn’t sustain the bullish momentum for too long and has mostly been down in the past three months. 

Will the next movement be a significant recovery? Or will the token conclude this year on a more bearish note? In this article, we try to predict where the $PUMP price could be heading and also suggest two new meme coins with multiple potential upsides that investors can shift their attention to. 

What Is BigPump?

BigPump is a memecoin with a theme featuring an actual water pump, a humorous take on the desire of investors—for their invested asset to pump in value.

Built on BakerySwap, a community-centric DeFi protocol on the BNB chain, BigPump has a total supply of 4.44 trillion coins. 

It took the market by storm in March 2024 after raising up to $280 million in its ICO. According to on-chain data, not less than 363k BNB, 9 million CAKE, 24 million BAKE, 1.5 billion 1CAT, and 73 billion IQ50 tokens were deposited in exchange for PUMP tokens.


Following its impressive presale outing, BigPump opened for trading with $0.00000037 as its launch price. It quickly attracted more attention from the crypto community and secured multiple listings on top trading platforms like MEXC, Bitget, Poloniex, Bingx and many more. 

This feat alongside the aggressive hype around the project triggered a drastic pump in its price, allowing early birds to make up to 460% profit from the very start. In fact, one whale made up to $1.6 million ROI after selling about 340.4 billion PUMP tokens for a mind-boggling $5.08 million. 

Nevertheless, after the historic rally, BigPump experienced a big dip and has not recovered since then. In the last two months, the token’s price dropped by about 164% and currently trades within the $0.000001361 level. 

In the next section of this guide, we will consider both macro and micro factors to predict BigPump’s future performance. 

BigPump ($PUMP) Price Prediction

The real buzz surrounding BigPump has started fading away. This is no surprise as the meme coin was designed without a use case, roadmap, or full information about its motive. Its initial surge was only caused by the heavy hype around it which has even diminished. 

Therefore, unless there's a substantial development within the project that may enhance its relevance and rejig the interest around it, we expect the BigPump’s price to continue its bearish movement with a price hovering between $0.000001211 and $0.000001250 in the next few months. 

In essence, BigPump’s recovery from its downtrend is doubtful without the integration of some utilities, partnerships with valuable brands, and a realistic roadmap that can foster its credibility. 

While the general sentiment in the global crypto space and investors’ rising enthusiasm are also likely to play a tremendous role, there's no assurance that the price performance of PUMP will correspond to the level of growth seen in the industry. This is not unconnected to the fact that there is an influx of new tokens with better utility ideas competing for market share. 

As such, amid the uncertainty in the future of BigPump, investors may be better off shifting their attention to top alternatives like PlayDoge and Base Dawgz

Best BigPump Alternatives In 2024


Drawing direct inspiration from the iconic Japanese Tamagotchi, PlayDoge is a mobile play-to-earn game that aims to reignite the 90s nostalgia by transforming the Doge meme into a virtual pet. 

At its core, PlayDoge’s lore tells the tale of a beloved Doge that has mysteriously disappeared without a trace. However, a fortunate trader, while harnessing his PlayDoge app, found the missing Doge and discovered that it had evolved into a two-dimensional pixelated character. 

In keeping true to its novelty, PlayDoge offers a classic 2D gaming environment along with best-in-class graphics and touchscreen controls to deliver memorable and pleasurable experiences. Players are to train, feed, interact, and nurture their virtual pets to earn free PLAY tokens. 

One major attribute of PlayDoge that has positioned it as one of the best alternatives to BigPump is its P2E utility. While PUMP has no use case, PLAY is renowned as the medium through which players will be rewarded for looking after their pets. While this token is built on the Binance Smart Chain, it has unlocked a crosschain functionality by hopping to Ethereum. 

More so, unlike BigPump, the team behind PlayDoge has not kept its community guessing about its future plans. It has not only developed a roadmap that's well-detailed but also realistic. The project also has a staking mechanism that rewards holders for locking their tokens into its pool.

Considering its doge and P2E fundamentals, famous crypto YouTube channel, 99Bitcoins named PlayDoge as one of the best three meme coins to hold for 100x returns.


PLAY is presently available for a discounted rate of $0.00511 and has raised up to $5 million from early investors. Those willing to buy the token can visit its website, right now to join its presale. 

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Base Dawgz 

Base Dawgz has been making waves since landing on presale, earning the coverage of popular crypto publications like Cointelegraph, Coingape, and Techopedia. 

With symbolic imagery of Shiba Inu, Wojak, and other doge-inspired characters flying through the skies while being equipped with base jumping gears, Base Dawgz introduced its multichain posture. Thanks to its adoption of Portal Bridge and Wormhole technologies, Base Dawgz is now live on Base, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Solana.

According to Jacob Bury, a well-known crypto analyst with more than 40k subscribers, Base Dawgz’s ability to hop through many chains can position it for widespread adoption.

Beyond its cross-chain functionality, another key attraction for Base Dawgz is its highly innovative “Share-to-Earn program, allowing participants to earn points for creating and sharing memes about the project. Base Dawgz says these points will be redeemable for free DAWGZ tokens by the time the airdrop campaign commences. 

Contributing to its appeal is its staking model. Like PlayDoge, Base Dawgz’s staking feature allows early movers to earn passive rewards for their contributions towards stabilizing the ecosystem. The combination of its multichain concept alongside its community-centric offerings has greatly improved the visibility of the project. 

Above all, Base Dawgz has an incredible roadmap that can fuel the token’s long-term growth. More so, its smart contracts have been audited by a third-party blockchain security firm, a feat that speaks to its commitment to providing optimal security for users and their tokens. 

At press time, Base Dawgz has gathered close to $2 million in its ICO event, underscoring investors’ confidence in its future potential. 

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