PlayFi Launches the PlayFi Airdrop Platform to Enhance Community Engagement

PlayFi Launches the PlayFi Airdrop Platform to Enhance Community Engagement

New York City, New York, June 25th, 2024, Chainwire

PlayFi, an AI-powered data network and blockchain tailored for the gaming industry, today announces the launch of the PlayFi Airdrop Platform, which is now officially live. As PlayFi gears up for the launch of its $PLAY token later in 2024, this platform will serve as the primary hub for earning points and engaging with the PlayFi community.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch the PlayFi Airdrop Platform as a means to not only reward our community but also provide a comprehensive view of the revolutionary technology we’re building,” said Ben Beath, founder and CEO of PlayFi. “Our goal is to transform the way we interact with live content and streaming, and we want our community to feel this transformation firsthand.”

The PlayFi Airdrop Platform offers various ways for the community to engage and earn rewards:

  • Engagement and Rewards: Users can accumulate points by completing tasks, track their progress on a personal tally, and see their rankings on the community leaderboard. This system provides a real-time measure of involvement and influence within the PlayFi community.
  • Foundational Task Questing: Users complete these tasks to integrate into the PlayFi network and become eligible for the node license sale whitelist giveaway on Discord.
  • Daily Task Questing: Users can also earn points by sharing tweets, writing threads, or creating memes. New tasks are available daily.
  • Campaigns: Short-term campaigns offer users boosted points and special edition NFTs. 
  • ​​3x airdrop boost: The first 10,000 node licenses purchased will get a 3x boost on the $PLAY airdrop allocation. This boost will immediately populate in your dashboard. There is no limit on the amount of licenses that can be bought to receive this boost.

For details on how to get started, visit the PlayFi Airdrop Platform, and join the PlayFi Discord to earn XP through events and interactions, unlocking new roles and tangible rewards.

“We encourage everyone to dive in, engage fully, and enjoy the rewards as we grow together. We’re transforming the way you interact with live content forever—and it all starts with $PLAY,” said Beath.

The PlayFi team is led by a 6x startup founder alongside builders who have impressive experience at Activision Blizzard, BumbleBear Games (developer of popular arcade game Killer Queen), Meta, BattleFly Game, and more. 

USers can follow PlayFi on X or visit to join the PlayFi Airdrop Platform and for continued updates.

About PlayFi

PlayFi is redefining gaming by integrating blockchain technology to enhance gameplay and community engagement. Through its cutting-edge PlayChain technology and AI-powered PlayBase network, PlayFi ensures a fast, secure, and scalable zkEVM blockchain solution, as well as optimal data processing and analysis tailored for the gaming industry. With a commitment to enhancing the gaming experience with web3, PlayFi is empowering developers, players, and studios across the globe to push the boundaries of innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape and setting new standards in how games are played, developed, and monetized. For more information, visit

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