QuickNode Launches Streams To Redefine Blockchain Data Access

QuickNode Launches Streams To Redefine Blockchain Data Access

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Simplicity meets speed with QuickNode’s new cutting-edge solution for real-time blockchain data streaming, Streams. 

Announced Thursday, QuickNode, the blockchain infrastructure platform for data, introduced Streams, a solution that allows users to seamlessly stream data across blockchains. The easy-to-use solution allows users to build blockchain infrastructure faster and more reliably. According to the team statement, Streams enables developers to complement their ETL portfolio, letting them utilize popular programming languages like Javascript, Python, Go, or Ruby to transform payloads from Streams and enrich them with contract data by calling QuickNode endpoints.

The public beta test follows months of testing in private beta, that saw the team rigorously test the platform for robustness and market-wide use. 

“As blockchain data grows, the complexity around extracting, transforming, and loading data into applications has grown,” said Nick Yushkevich, Director of Product, QuickNode. “Streams removes this backend complexity and offers developers a better UX and faster time to market.” 

Streams revolutionizes how developers gain access to historical and real-time data from Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and other blockchains. Starting today, developers can directly source and stream data from these platforms in just a few clicks, which could help them build more sophisticated and futuristic blockchain applications. 

Some of the benefits Streams brings to the world of Web 3 development, include furnishing users with the ability to develop powerful trading models and analytics, enhancing user access to preset datasets, reducing the technical overhead of data retrieval and simplifying the process of acquiring and streaming datasets. 

Solving the blockchain development debacles

The latest innovation by QuickNode not only enhances the transfer of data across blockchains but also helps solve the pertinent challenges that most developers face. By bridging the gap between blockchain data and conventional tools used to get this data, Streams allows developers to get vast volumes of on-chain data in just a few clicks, rather than source it from different tools. This is expected to drastically reduce the operational costs and time needed to bring blockchain applications and platforms to market. 

Streams on QuickNode will further enhance the former’s technological standing as one of the leading blockchain infrastructure platforms, adding to recent upgrades in its API infrastructure, expansion to support zkSync hyperchains and launch of AppChain. AppChains provides developers with a customizable, secure and easily manageable platform for users to launch their preferred blockchains. 

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