Sui Network Collaborates With Space And Time To Integrate Its New RPC 2.0 Service

Sui Network Collaborates With Space And Time To Integrate Its New RPC 2.0 Service

The Layer 1 blockchain’s new RPC 2.0 service will provide Space and Time’s developers with a faster, easier and more secure way to query and retrieve on-chain data on the Sui Network. 

Sui Network announces a new strategic partnership with the verifiable compute layer for AI and blockchain, Space and Time, to integrate its new GraphQL-based service, Sui RPC 2.0. As the preferred data warehouse for Sui Network, SxT’s integration of Sui’s RPC 2.0 will provide developers with an easy-to-use and effective channel to access on-chain Sui data. 

Built by the core research team behind Facebook’s Libra and Diem projects, Sui has grown into one of the best-performing crypto projects in 2024, growing over 200% since January 1. Such innovations have been at the forefront of pushing Sui into the top 60 largest crypto projects in market cap, as per Coingecko stats. 

Launched in beta mode in January this year, Sui’s RPC 2.0 is the network’s new RPC service based on GraphQL, an open-source data query and manipulation language. The new RPC is designed to allow developers more complex data querying, moving from the read-only mode, which is common in current RPC services. 

“We’re excited to partner with the Space and Time team to integrate Sui’s latest GraphQL-based RPC into SxT and enable users to interact seamlessly with Sui’s data,” said Evan Cheng, Co-Founder and CEO of Mysten Labs, the developer of Sui Network. 

“This expanded collaboration highlights our commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and delivering real-world applications that meet the needs of our users.”

The new RPC service will replace the original Sui RPC, streamlining and securing interactions between users, apps and blockchains within the Sui ecosystem. With the integration of Sui’s RPC 2.0 on SxT, developers will have more secure and more efficient ways to retrieve and interact with on-chain Sui data. This provides them with unlimited capabilities to create innovative and complex apps. 

The new RPC redesign aims to solve the challenges that current RPCs face such as unsafe transaction serialization APIs, and data stores on full nodes. Sui’s GraphQL-based RPC service will provide more efficient query patterns, and allow data indexers to directly source data from the stateless RPC, which reads data from its own data store. 

Currently, Space and Time’s blockchain indexing services source on-chain data from Sui in real-time and secure it in a zk-compatible way. Once sourced, the platform stores an entire copy of the Sui chain in relational tables in its data warehouse. 

“We’ve already rolled out a powerful data warehouse with all of Sui’s data synced to the tip. We’re thrilled to now also be supporting the Sui community with the next-gen of RPC nodes, which will make it easier for developers to access on-chain transactions,” said Scott Dykstra, CTO and Co-Founder of Space and Time. 

With the integration of Sui’s RPC 2.0, developers can query/run the data directly on SxT,  join it with off-chain data, ZK-prove it, and send the results back to their smart contracts on Sui. 

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