Libra Incentix (LIX) and ComAve ecosystem partner with Club Olimpia to elevate fan experience

Libra Incentix (LIX) and ComAve ecosystem partner with Club Olimpia to elevate fan experience

Blockchain loyalty rewards management platform Libra Incentix (LIX) and ComAve are partnering with Paraguayan football powerhouse, Club Olimpia, to elevate the club’s fan experience.

The announcement by LIX marked its first partnership in the South American market as part of the ComAve ecosystem. LIX attended the draw for South America’s premier club tournament, the Copa Libertadores, on March 18th 2024 to explore possible partnerships and met many clubs during the draw, with Club Olimpia being the first to ink a deal in the region.

LIX co-founder Andrew Doxsey welcomed the partnership as being vital to enhancing fan experiences globally.

 "Our partnership with Club Olimpia is a key milestone for the ComAve ecosystem and highlights LIX's potential as a leading loyalty program provider. This move into South America is a testament to our dedication to improving the fan experience worldwide.”

The ComAve ecosystem launched during the 2022 FiFa World Cup and proved to be a successful platform for global fan engagement and shopping. European clubs like AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam or Crystal Palace have also collaborated with ComAve to leverage its fan engagement tools to transform the experience of supporters.

ComAve intends to build a global ecosystem for fans within its umbrella. Its fan engagement features include loyalty rewards, discount coupons and experiences money can’t buy which make online shopping and engagement more exciting. The LIX utility token powers these features and ensures fans have rewards in the form of usable tokens with real value. 

Fans will also be able to benefit from social media plugins and watch-t0-earn capabilities. These digital features are intended to incentivize fan engagement with specific club content and social media pages. ComAve Regional Director, Jassim Sulaiti stated as follows: 

ComAve offers access to an entire ecosystem filled with exclusive offers, rewarding supporters for their passion and loyalty. Through our innovative loyalty program (LIX), engaging gamification, and personalized experiences, we're reinventing the way fans connect with their favorite teams and brands.”

LIX anticipates benefit from the new partnership and increased global engagement on ComAve. The use of blockchain technology to improve commerce for sports brands is an increasingly lucrative venture. ComAve and Lix anticipate that this partnership will set a new standard for fan engagement and for sports brands to reward their loyal fans. 

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