cheqd Forges Strategic Alliances with Andromeda & Devolved AI to Propel Trusted Data Markets

cheqd Forges Strategic Alliances with Andromeda & Devolved AI to Propel Trusted Data Markets

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Within the rapidly evolving crypto economy, the need for trusted data markets has never been more critical. By ensuring that data is verifiable, portable, and controlled by users, these markets are helping pave the way for a more secure and transparent crypto ecosystem, one where user confidence, innovation, and trust are paramount.

In this context, cheqd's recent partnerships with Andromeda and Devolved AI have heralded a significant leap forward for the data economy sector. In brief, cheqd is a public permissionless network built using self-sovereign identity (SSI) protocols, leveraging the power of blockchain tech. 

Since its inception, the project has pioneered the facilitation of control, ownership, and portability over users' and organizations' data, thereby introducing a novel paradigm in trusted data economies. These economies can range from reusable KYC (Know Your Customer) systems in Web3 to preference data markets — all designed with the user's sovereignty at their core.

The synergy between cheqd and its new partners, Andromeda and Devolved AI, stands poised to drive significant advancements in this yet nascent field, especially since the former is currently at the forefront of developing an on-chain ecosystem powered by its decentralized operating system  — aOS — which seeks to simplify everyday interactions for Web3 users. 

Concurrently, Devolved AI is leading the charge in revolutionizing ownership and governance within the burgeoning AI industry — which is set to achieve a valuation of $1.8 trillion by 2023. By placing AI ownership into the hands of its community, the project is helping foster a higher degree of trust, transparency, and collective governance, ultimately redefining the AI-human relationship and fostering a more democratic technology landscape.

Empowering Web3 development using trusted data markets

At the heart of cheqd's strategic partnership with Andromeda is a shared vision to empower the next generation of Web3 developers. By integrating cheqd's Trusted Data Markets infrastructure, Andromeda will now be able to provide its growing ecosystem of Web3 builders with access to secure, user-centric data solutions.

Furthermore, the collaboration will bolster Andromeda's ability to develop decentralized applications (dApps) that prioritize user trust and data management. By tapping into cheqd's technical framework, Andromeda's Web3 builders will be empowered to create dApps that are more private, secure, and transparent.

Lastly, as highlighted earlier, cheqd's platform leverages Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) to create a trust layer that enables users to manage their data with unparalleled privacy and security. In this regard, by introducing public permissionless networks, decentralized identities (DIDs), and flexible commercial models, cheqd is looking to craft a unique ecosystem for ‘Trusted Data Exchanges.’ 



Revolutionizing AI with Decentralized Reputations

Alongside its efforts to empower Web3 devs, cheqd’s collaboration with Devolved AI will leverage its capabilities to establish a decentralized reputation system. The module will seek to reward contributions and ensure the integrity of data used in AI model training, thereby meeting the growing demand for ethical and transparent intelligent models.

By incorporating DIDs, Devolved AI will henceforth allow users to maintain full control over their digital presence, fostering a trust-based ecosystem where their interactions are secured and private. Furthermore, the decentralized reputation systems built on cheqd's infrastructure can also help redefine credibility in Web3, prioritizing actions and contributions over mere claims — paving the way for a more community-centric approach to the development of AI.



The future is here!

As more people continue to gravitate toward the use of decentralized systems, cheqd stands out as an offering that delivers its users quality, privacy-preserving payment systems alongside a credential network that champions data ownership, control, and portability. 

In fact, its flagship product, Creds, introduces a no-code decentralized reputation platform designed to maximize community trust and loyalty. The platform can facilitate reputation verification processes within platforms like Telegram in real-time, thereby enhancing an individual’s security against scams and fraud.

Therefore, as the trusted data economy continues to undergo a rapid transformation, cheqd’s partnership with Andromeda and Devolved AI seems to be setting the stage for a future where data ownership and privacy are not just valued but serve as the core foundation of the global digital economy.

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