MANTRA chain

MANTRA Chain, a Security First RWA Layer 1 Blockchain.

MANTRA Chain, a Security First RWA Layer 1 Blockchain.

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In the realm of Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization, MANTRA Chain is emerging as a pivotal force for adeptly bridging the gap between Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) while adhering to institutional-grade regulations and compliance. 

As a unique permissioned Layer 1 blockchain designed for permissionless applications, MANTRA Chain is distinguishing itself as a cornerstone in the crypto ecosystem, especially within the Cosmos and the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) ecosystem, for dedicatedly fostering a secure and sustainable future for RWA tokenization. 

Challenges in the Tokenization Landscape

Traditionally, assets such as real estate, commodities, and bonds have been constrained by legacy systems. The tokenization of traditionally illiquid assets is crucial for bringing RWAs on-chain, yet it faces challenges such as liquidity fragmentation, regulatory compliance, interoperability, and the need for a secure, scalable, and robust blockchain infrastructure. 

This is where MANTRA Chain's regulation-ready Layer 1 blockchain offers a solution to these challenges, featuring interoperability, an improved user experience, RWA-focused modules, and protocols adhering to regulations and compliance.

Addressing the regulatory challenges that have hindered the smooth transition of RWAs on chain, MANTRA Chain offers a novel pathway, unlocking the potential for these assets to seamlessly transition into the digital realm. The project also allows Apps to be built without having to comply with diverse and complicated regulatory requirements. 

$OM Becomes the Main Token of the MANTRA Chain

Proceeding rapidly for the Testnet Phase 2, MANTRA Chain is drawing significant attention for its unique propositions. The project's newly approved token, $OM, has also gained significant attention in accordance with the recently passed DAO proposal to make $OM the native token of the MANTRA Chain. 

This development signaled an increase in $OM’s utility and demand in the community, reflecting positively on the market charts.


MANTRA Chain is a security-first, regulatory-compliant ready Layer 1 blockchain, providing a secure, scalable, and robust infrastructure tailored to the needs of RWAs. Built on the Cosmos SDK, MANTRA Chain addresses the regulatory challenges that have hindered the smooth transition of RWAs onto the blockchain. It integrates the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol to facilitate seamless trading of RWAs across chains and ecosystems, thus addressing issues related to fragmented liquidity. 

Furthermore, MANTRA Chain introduces modules such as the MANTRA Compliance Module, Asset Module, Token Service Module, and Guard Module, which address persistent challenges within the current blockchain infrastructure. These modules not only streamline regulatory adherence in Web3 but also empower entities to issue, manage, and trade security tokens, thereby enhancing the security of the protocols.

Read about the MANTRA Chain Architecture here

The chain caters to a diverse range of RWAs on-chain and their associated use cases, with the potential to tokenize various asset classes including real estate, commodities, bonds, equities, art, intellectual property, venture capital, precious metals, carbon credits, and luxury goods. By enabling fractional ownership and facilitating efficient trading, MANTRA Chain democratizes access to traditionally illiquid assets, attracting a broader spectrum of investors. Its flexible environment for developers and institutions positions it as a comprehensive solution for tokenization across different sectors.

The Impact of Regulatory Compliance in RWA Tokenization

In summary, MANTRA Chain's significant rise and recognition in the space highlight the critical gap of regulation and compliance in the traditional asset tokenization market. As a flagbearer, MANTRA is collaborating with various government institutions for RWA tokenization licenses, complying with unique regulatory frameworks. These developments promise seamless onboarding for dApps, to be built on MANTRA, as they will not have to navigate licensing and regulatory procedures manually, thanks to MANTRA's comprehensive approach.

With its robust technical foundation, regulatory foresight, and commitment to security, MANTRA Chain stands out as a pioneering protocol in Web3 innovation. By addressing the gaps in the blockchain ecosystem, MANTRA Chain positions itself as a beacon for a new era of decentralized finance built on compliance, security, and interoperability. 

As regulations evolve and demand for regulatory-compliant blockchain solutions increases, MANTRA Chain is well-positioned as a "Permissionless Chain for Permissioned Applications," paving the way for unlocking the $16 trillion RWA economy.


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