Don’t be distracted. Bitcoin is what is going to protect and increase your wealth

Don’t be distracted. Bitcoin is what is going to protect and increase your wealth

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In the current environment of wars, economic slowdown, high prices, and ever more government control, it is easy to take your eye off of the ball. The ball here is Bitcoin, and it will protect and increase your wealth. Do not be distracted.

Too risky for retail?

On social media channels and in the mainstream media you can find any amount of calls for a massive fall in the bitcoin price, or that bitcoin mining is ruining the planet, or that bitcoin is too risky for retail investors to buy. 

If you have done your research you will know that you are being gaslighted. How does the scarcest asset on the planet take a massive price fall when the institutions are buying the hell out of it now that the Spot Bitcoin ETFs have been approved.

Of course, no one can predict markets, and yes, bitcoin has a small enough of a market cap to still be manipulated. But for an asset like this to go down and for bank stocks to go up over the medium to longer term, is probably something out of la la land.

Bitcoin is ruining the planet

We are still told that bitcoin is ruining the planet by using so much of the electricity supply. We are generally given a country like Belgium, or Norway or something, and told that bitcoin is using the same amount of electricity. 

Even if this were the case, and a lot of bitcoin mining wasn’t in fact using renewable or unwanted energy, it would be worth every single watt. A financial system outside of the corrupt and unfair one that we currently have is certainly worth a Belgium.

Is bitcoin risky? Everything you put your money on is a risk. However, if you were to weigh up the risk of putting some of your wealth into bitcoin, against buying government bonds, backing the stock market, or just leaving your money in the bank, bitcoin looks like a very attractive alternative.

Bitcoin vs banks - no brainer

The bitcoin price is currently at over $52,000. While leaders of banks and international financial institutions have been screaming blue murder and warning the masses against buying this asset, the price has gone up 220% since the start of 2023. 

Put that against the 0.03% or whatever that banks give you for parking your currency in their beautiful bank buildings. Good luck in using that interest to set off losing money hand over foot with taxes, inflation, and the depreciating purchasing power of fiat currencies.

You are being distracted

What you see in the mainstream media, and what comes out of the mouths of bank leaders, and leaders of international financial institutions is a complete distraction, planned to lead retail investors away from the only lifeboat left to them.

Bitcoin is long-term savings. It is freedom to spend your money how you wish, without any middlemen taking their cut, or without any government, bank, or any other agency telling you what to do. Wake up and start thinking for yourself. Education is still out there. Find it before it suddenly disappears.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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