Bitcoin is your only lifeline - wake up from the Matrix

Bitcoin is your only lifeline - wake up from the Matrix

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Mainstream media and meaningless pastimes have robbed people of the power of independent thought. We are all sleepwalking into poverty and slavery, so we need to wake up and truly comprehend the evil system that is about to close all the exits out of a burning house.

Are you sleepwalking?

Maybe you are a bit better off than most, you have a job, and you are still able to live relatively comfortably. You can go out on Saturday morning, buy a coffee and a cake in that bougie cafe, and put your feet up until work starts again on Monday.

To fill in your hours after work you might watch the latest YouTube video in the comfort of your front room, with live action from a helmet camera, as Ukrainian soldiers storm a trench of Russian soldiers, or flick through stats that show just how many thousands of either side have died in the previous day of fighting.

You may follow this up with a few back to back episodes of your favourite Netflix series while you casually flick through social media and like the odd comment on your favourite celebrity’s channel.




Do you not question this?

While we all go through the motions of what is often a fairly monotonous life, there are momentous events happening that will change our lives forever. When you are in the supermarket after work do you ever wonder how on earth the prices got so high? You know what they used to be, and it doesn’t seem that long ago that prices started to increase drastically.

We are told by leaders of finance that 2% inflation is where it needs to be. Have you ever questioned this? Why should inflation be robbing us of at least 2% of our wealth each year? Did you know that at a rate of just 2% a year, 50% of a generation’s entire wealth is stolen? 

Money printing is stealing your purchasing power

Central banks across the world are printing more and more currency. They have no choice. The monetary system we are in is debt-based, and it demands ever more debt, at a faster and faster pace, in order to keep the system afloat.

As the banks print more currency, the currency in the hands of citizens, or in their bank accounts, is worth less and less. More currency printed into the system only serves to keep the system going, and does not benefit the poor or middle class. It dilutes the currency already in circulation and has the effect of decreasing purchasing power.  

The banks have now become so powerful that even without asking customers, they make decisions that ensure that their customers are prevented from transacting with any entity that the banks do not want them transacting with.

Banks fear crypto

And for the banks, the most feared and hated transaction is that of buying or selling cryptocurrency. Crypto is kryptonite to the banks. Wouldn’t you be scared if you ran a money printing press which you could turn on at will and could print as much as you liked, and then something else came along that held its value and therefore was going to put you out of business?

Wouldn’t you be fearful if this competitor didn’t have to pay for huge, luxurious buildings, thousands of employees, and didn’t charge massive fees for all the loans and other services that you force people to use?

Wouldn’t you sleep a lot less soundly knowing that you have suddenly become obsolete. That if you don’t do something about it, this competitor is going to expose you for what you are, and that is a leech attached to the veins of all your customers.

Currency in the bank, or bitcoin?

Bitcoin is freedom. Freedom to transact with who you want, when you want, and completely free of any middleman that would insert himself between you and the person you are sending money to, in order to extract fees and spy on your transactions.

Think about it just for a few seconds. On the one side you have this towering sludge heap of obsolescent banks, that have become your masters. And on the other side, you have a decentralised protocol that cannot judge you, cannot say you can’t transact, and is the most secure and unbreakable network on the planet.

To add to this, bitcoin is scarce. It cannot be debased by printing more of it. There are only 21 million that will ever be mined into existence. 19.5 million of that is already in circulation.

Bitcoin was laughed at

Those in charge of the banks, and the financial agencies that are in bed with them, have probably understood what is happening by now. They probably had a good chuckle for the first few years of bitcoin, giving it the time it needed to grow its decentralised network across the world. But now it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle, and trying to defeat bitcoin is just about impossible.

CBDCs are the banks’ answer

You can’t bring the network down, so what do you do? 

You prevent anyone from buying it. 

How on earth can you achieve that? 

By rolling out central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) across the world.

But what do they do? 

They provide the ultimate power for governments and banks to control everything. You will be obliged to use these evil digital currency units, and every time you do so, your transaction will be tracked, and if the bank decides it doesn’t like the transaction, it won’t be allowed to take place.

You may say that this power for the banks already exists. Yes it does, but the difference with CBDCs is that they can be programmed. You try to buy bitcoin and you find that the transaction is blocked, and not only that, your social credit score has been cut in half, and now you can’t use your bank card to get on any public transport. If you transgress even further by trying to send a donation to a political party not favoured by the banks, the barrier at the local supermarket will suddenly not allow you entry.

Act now

This does sound like something from a SciFi film or novel, and it’s understandable. It must be extremely difficult to get your head around this. What you’ve known all your life is suddenly uncovered as a fraudulent process on an unimaginable scale.

However, you must act now. First step is to put this article down as intriguing but unproven until you have really done a deep dive into the veracity of the content. 

Educate yourself

Educating yourself on how our monetary system works is of the utmost importance, and wandering along to check it out at your nearest bank branch or phoning your financial advisor might not be the way to go. If you are embedded in the financial system you will only be able to judge everything from within that system.

By listening to experts like Jeff Booth, Simon Dixon, Lawrence Lepard, Michael Saylor, and many others, you can take your time to listen to what they have to say. It’s likely that all these experts thought bitcoin was a con until they really looked into it - you may be the same.

Finally, this article is mainly about the money we use. That said, this probably affects everything else that matters in our world. Central banks were created to fund war, the International Monetary Fund was created to put the third world into debt and enslave it with that same debt, and unelected international financial institutions are telling countries what they can and can’t do with their finances. 

Educate yourself on these topics. The vast majority of the world's population is fast asleep as changes are being made that will possibly be irreversible. There isn’t much time to cut yourself free from the Matrix.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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