Pooky Launches Full Play-and-Earn Football Prediction Game

Pooky Launches Full Play-and-Earn Football Prediction Game

Blockchain-powered sports game developer Pooky has launched the full play-and-earn version of its football results prediction game following a four-month beta testing program.

Pooky aims to combine immersive gameplay with sustainable token rewards, providing a blockchain-based alternative to the traditional betting model. Pooky is built on the Polygon blockchain

The game allows holders of Pookyball non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to compete to predict the outcome of football matches, the number of goals and the correct score, earning rewards based on their rank and skill level. Each Pookyball NFT has different attributes. There are four rarities that boost the number of points that players can receive for making correct predictions.

The launch coincides with a full football matchday schedule from March 23-28, including several Euro qualifiers. During this period, Pooky’s minimum reward will double from 200 to 500 MATIC per matchday, and players will be eligible to receive rewards in the form of NFTs and Pooky’s in-game currency POK.

The first drop of 1,000 Pookyball NFTs required to access the game sold out before the launch. Pooky is now offering an additional mint of 100 regular NFTs to allow players to join the high rewards leagues or optimize their gameplay strategy.

There are two play modes: Basic League and Play-and-Earn Leagues. In the Basic League, each new player receives two Rooky Ball when they sign up to start playing the game for free. Rooky Ball earn limited rewards and cannot be traded. In the Play-and-Earn Leagues, players buy Pookyball NFTs, which can earn more points and enter higher reward Leaderboards.

During the beta test, 7,000 recurring Pooky users made 700,000 football predictions and competed against each another every week. Popular football influencers such as Fiago, RazzHD, and Sims2 generated interest with content around the project.

Founded in 2022, Pooky has raised more than €3 million from pre-seed investors, including Claster Investments VC, and has advisors from the sport, gaming and blockchain industries.


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