Blockchain Launches eSports Beta Challenge With $100,000 Prize Pool Launches eSports Beta Challenge With $100,000 Prize Pool

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The blockchain-powered eSports Beta Challenge offers gamers worldwide a chance to win fabulous prizes, including a pool of $100,000 in cash, tokens, and collectibles. 

Blockchain-powered eSports platform has launched its flagship Beta challenge, ‘eSports for All’, allowing ordinary gamers across the world to participate in eSports gaming with an opportunity to win fantastic prizes. Announced Thursday last week, the Beta Challenge allows anyone to compete for cash prizes, $MOXY tokens and rare collectibles, opening up the eSports market to professionals and novices alike. 

The Beta Challenge aims to give an opportunity to gamers around the world to compete and win prizes. Additionally, the Beta release will help the development team stress-test the platform’s features while onboarding eSports gamers ahead of the eventual launch and Token Generation Event (TGE). aims to make eSports gaming available to everyone. In recent times, the eSports market has been reserved for the elite gamers that are part of a pro team and compete in organised tournaments. Moxy aims to revolutionise the industry by allowing anyone to participate in eSports gaming competitions for tangible rewards or just casually play and still win prizes. 

To participate in the Moxy Beta Challange, gamers need to be above 21 years of age. If eligible, you can sign up and create a Moxy account, complete the KYC process and start playing. Once signed up, each gamer will receive 1,000 MOXY testnet tokens that can be used within the eSports gameplay to face other eSports competitors. Players can also earn a bonus of 50 MOXY tokens for every referred player who subsequently completes the signup and KYC process.

In the game, participants will play to win against other players and accrue points and progress through four ‘seasons’ of the game. As they win more points, they will boost their ranking on the Moxy Leaderboard, and after the final season ends, leading players will be eligible to receive prizes, including a share of the $100,000 cash prize (paid out in $USDC). Other awards to be won include native $MOXY tokens and rare Moxy collectibles, which can be used in the game. 

The value of prize winnings will be revealed once the official Moxy mainnet platform launches later in the year. 


Opening up the multi-billion eSports market

As alluded to, Moxy aims to remove barriers to entry into eSports gaming. The multi-billion dollar industry has remained primarily reserved for elite gamers and professionals. With this blockchain-powered platform, any gamer worldwide will now have an opportunity to participate in eSports and win prizes, whether they are playing for fun or competitively. 

The platform “furnishes players with on-demand competitive gameplay” and is built on a blockchain to facilitate “real-time transactions and ensure players are protected from fraud and hacking”, a team statement from Moxy reads. 

In the future, Moxy plans to integrate globally popular games, enabling gamers to play an eSpoorts-enabled version of their favourite game and earn prizes. Including popular games will encourage game developers and publishers to build eSports-compatible game modes for their gaming titles, allowing their players to earn rewards via the Moxy platform. 

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