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Trade bitcoin with leverage on CryptoAltum

Trade bitcoin with leverage on CryptoAltum

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Platforms that offer high 1:500 leverage are not easy to find these days. However, CryptoAltum (est. 2019) an MT5 platform specialising in cryptocurrencies, provides its customers with exactly that.

How can CryptoAltum offer such high leverage?

What’s more to the point is why can’t other platforms offer this leverage, and it has a lot to do with risk. Crypto pricing and volatility are totally different to other contract products, such as forex pairs. 

Traditional trading platforms offer cryptocurrencies as a secondary product, and they lack the required infrastructure, knowledge, and technology to support leveraged crypto trading. This is why you will generally find a maximum leverage on most platforms of 1:20/1:50 for trading cryptocurrencies.

CryptoAltum, on the other hand, is purpose-built for trading cryptocurrencies, and it is therefore able to source the far superior pricing and liquidity that this type of asset requires.

Isn’t it risky to trade bitcoin with high leverage?

For the inexperienced trader, opening up a huge leveraged position which is many times the size of their account value, is incredibly risky. However, more knowledgeable traders use leverage as a clever tool to manage margin requirements, while still gaining exposure to the volatile and extremely lucrative crypto markets.

CryptoAltum recommends testing out the platform on a free demo account first. The professionals behind the platform suggest that users trade with the same amount of funds that they would use in a live account, in order to get an accurate and realistic view of how their strategy is likely to play out.

What are the other benefits of trading with CryptoAltum?

Low Fees

With the CryptoAltum platform, the customer comes first, and their satisfaction is the highest priority. Therefore users can swap in and out of cryptos with no charge. The CryptoAltum platform gives traders up to $20,000 of free crypto conversions each month, and also gives a 25% bonus on all deposits.


CryptoAltum is legally not required to KYC its clients. It does not handle any fiat currencies and does not allow users to deposit any on the platform. It only deals in cryptocurrencies, and these do not currently need KYC requirements.

CryptoAltum’s platform is therefore a huge advantage to cryptocurrency traders. They can retain full anonymity, and never have to worry about the possibility that the host platform might inadvertently expose their private data, or that a hack might steal it and open them up to future scams.

Traders wishing to use the CryptoAltum platform can sign up here.

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