CryptoAltum adds Polygon MATIC to its MT5 trading platform

CryptoAltum adds Polygon MATIC to its MT5 trading platform

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CryptoAltum, the low-fee trading platform built by professionals from the world of Forex, has added the layer 2 giant Polygon (MATIC) to its MT5 trading platform.

What is MATIC, and why trade it?

Polygon is a layer 2 blockchain built on top of the Ethereum layer one blockchain. The reason why Polygon is so needed is that it provides many solutions that reduce costs. It also takes advantage of the extremely secure Ethereum network.

Polygon is a side chain, and it uses its MATIC currency in order to make transactions on Ethereum cheaper and more efficient.

Given the explosions in DeFi and NFTs, transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain have risen to unacceptable levels. Therefore developers have turned to Polygon and the MATIC token, in order to access Ethereum without the scaling issues or high transaction fees. 

It is for this reason that MATIC has often outperformed ETH and has become one of the world's most liquid crypto assets. 

CryptoAltum is listing MATIC and is pairing it with other liquid assets such as BTC, USDT, and ETH. Traders can trade MATIC with up to 50X leverage with CryptoAltum’s easy-to-use MT5 trading platform. 

Advantages Of Trading With CryptoAltum

Besides being able to trade quality altcoins of the calibre of MATIC, at a leverage of 1:50, the CryptoAltum platform excels in the basic requisites of any trader.

The lowest fees in the industry means that you can save your money for your trades. A total absence of KYC for customers allows you to save precious time and retain your right to privacy. 

The peace of mind of fast and free withdrawals is another huge advantage, while free conversions from one crypto does away with yet another pain point for traders.

For traders wishing to take advantage of all CryptoAltum has to offer, please sign up here.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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