CryptoAltum lists Uniswap, Republic Protocol, and OX ZRX

CryptoAltum lists Uniswap, Republic Protocol, and OX ZRX

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CryptoAltum, the low-fee trading platform, has added 3 exciting new cryptocurrencies to its MT5 platform.

CryptoAltum, the trading platform built by professionals from the world of Forex, now offers 3 more top cryptocurrencies to its customers. All 3 can now be traded with 1:50 leverage.


The world’s largest decentralised exchange, the Uniswap DEX facilitates the trading of ERC-20 tokens on the ethereum network. Now upgraded to its version 3, Uniswap supports concentrated liquidity tagging and high capital efficiency for liquidity providers.

Its secure platform makes use of audited smart contracts that allow projects to access liquidity without having to pay the listing fees required by centralised platforms. Uniswap has also been deployed on Optimism, a layer 2 protocol that offers cheaper fees and better scalability.

Ox Protocol (ZRX)

Ox Protocol (ZRX) was one of the first DEXes to be built on ethereum. Its unique protocol uses state channels and the Automated Market Making model to provide low transaction fees and trustless token swaps. Relayers receive fees from users for connecting market makers and traders.

Being one of the first DEXes on ethereum has allowed the ox Protocol to become very liquid over time. Also, its flexibility and versatility for AMM has enabled it to remain a favourite in DeFi.

Republic Protocol (REN)

The Republic Protocol incentivises the flow of assets between chains by using the REN token. The protocol allows the flow of these assets without necessarily wrapping them, as is the norm. 

At the heart of the protocol is the trustless Ren Virtual Machine. The RVM gives businesses the ability for customisation in the way of better decentralisation and trustless operations. The protocol also encourages user privacy by supporting the building and deployment of dApps using ZK SNARKs. 

Advantages of trading with CryptoAltum

Besides being able to trade quality altcoins of the calibre of those already mentioned, at a leverage of 1:50, the CryptoAltum platform excels in the basic requisites of any trader.

The lowest fees in the industry means that you can save your money for your trades. A total absence of KYC for customers allows you to save precious time and retain your right to privacy. 

The peace of mind of fast and free withdrawals is another huge advantage, while free conversions from one crypto does away with yet another pain point for traders.

For traders wishing to take advantage of all CryptoAltum has to offer please sign up here.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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