Insider Tip: The Next Big Crypto to Explode in Value This Summer

Insider Tip: The Next Big Crypto to Explode in Value This Summer

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With the bull run of 2024 unfolding, identifying the cryptocurrency that could soar in value is the focus of savvy investors. This summer, whispers within the industry hint at a promising contender set to make a significant impact on the market. The article below delves into the details, offering insights into what could be the major breakthrough in the coming months. The spotlight is on a particular coin that is steadily gaining attention and might just be positioned for an explosive growth.

BlastUP Token Projected to Soar 1000% By Year’s End

BlastUP has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to its high potential to become a major force in the crypto industry. This pioneering launchpad on Blast has already attracted over 12,000 active users. 

The ongoing presale of BlastUP is a huge success, with over $5 million raised so far. The BlastUP token is considered by crypto experts as a hidden crypto gem that can skyrocket 1000% by the end of this year. 

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BlastUP helps crypto startups grow faster and earn more. As BlastUP forges ahead, it remains committed to creating a global hub for the Blast community. BlastUP is rapidly gaining traction for the benefit of all participants in this ecosystem.

BlastUP's roadmap extends into 2026, promising the introduction of AI-driven tools and the Community Marketplace, further enriching the ecosystem's capabilities.

The BlastUP token, a cornerstone of the platform, unlocks access to tiered IDO launches, staking rewards, and exclusive loyalty benefits.

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Render Price Movement and Current Trends

Render Price Change:

  • 1 Week Price Change: 3.79%;

  • 1 Month Price Change: -26.22%;

  • 6 Months Price Change: 241.58%.

RenderToken (RNDR) is a distributed GPU rendering network built on the Ethereum blockchain, designed to connect artists needing GPU power with GPU providers. Launched in 2017 by OTOY, Inc. CEO Jules Urbach, RNDR's initial public token sale was followed by a private sale that sold 117,843,239 tokens at $0.25 USD each. The RNDR Beta Testnet, involving early adopters and the RNDR team, led to the network's full launch on April 27, 2020.

RNDR functions as an ERC-20 utility token, allowing artists to exchange GPU compute power with node operators. It uses a proof of render system on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure secure transactions, with assets watermarked until rendering is verified and payments are disbursed. The Render network, supported by OTOY and advised by industry leaders like Ari Emanuel, JJ Abrams, and Brendan Eich, bridges cryptocurrency with Hollywood production needs.

Currently, Render (RNDR) is trading between $7.63 and $10.02. Over the past week, the coin's value rose by 6.94%, though it has seen a monthly decline of 23.98%. Looking at the last six months, RNDR's value impressively increased by 251.94%. The price fluctuation shows a pattern of impulsive and corrective movements, indicating a volatile market condition.

Looking forward, predicting RNDR's price trajectory presents both optimistic and cautious scenarios. Resistance levels are anticipated near $10.95 and a more significant barrier at $13.34. Should the price fall, support might be found at $6.18 or lower at $3.79. Long-term indicators, such as the 100-day average, suggest a potential stabilization around $8.92, though the price could swing in either direction, influenced by overall market trends and the adoption rate of the RNDR network

Starknet Displays Mixed Signals Amidst Market Uncertainty

Starknet Price Change:

  • 1 Week Price Change: -6.40%;

  • 1 Month Price Change: -49.51%;

  • 6 Months Price Change: 478.74%.

StarkNet, a permissionless decentralized Validity-Rollup, functions as an L2 network over Ethereum, boosting any dApp's scalability with its groundbreaking cryptographic proof system—STARK. By utilizing the most secure and scalable cryptographic proofs, StarkNet ensures Ethereum's composability and security remain intact. The StarkNet Contracts and OS, written in Cairo, facilitate the deployment and scaling of diverse use cases tailored to any business logic.

Currently, Starknet's market dynamics display a balance between buying and selling pressures, reflecting uncertainty in the broader crypto market. This tug-of-war hints at a recent cooling-off period after a surge in market excitement, influenced by shifts in the broader crypto environment. There's no definitive market direction, as risk appetite appears evenly matched with a sense of caution.

Regarding Starknet's fundamentals, its technology caters to increasing demands for scalability and privacy in blockchain applications. As an essential solution for alleviating Ethereum's network congestion, Starknet's value is likely to grow with broader adoption and ongoing technological advancements. The future market sentiment for Starknet will probably hinge on its practical utility and integration within the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Filecoin Market Movement Indicates Cautious Optimism

Filecoin Price Change:

  • 1 Week Price Change: 0.92%;

  • 1 Month Price Change: -35.86%;

  • 6 Months Price Change: 61.95%.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network designed to "store humanity's most important information," raising $205 million during its 2017 ICO. The project, which extends the capabilities of the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), allows users to pay for data storage and retrieval using its native currency, $FIL. Filecoin's launch was delayed until October 2020, following initial plans for a mid-2019 start. It employs proof-of-replication and proof-of-spacetime to ensure data integrity and security across its blockchain-based platform.

The current market sentiment for Filecoin reflects cautious optimism. Prices have shown stability recently, signaling close observation by traders amidst a backdrop of mixed feelings over varying timeframes. This stable phase follows more turbulent periods, indicating that while investors recognize the coin's innovative technology and strong fundamentals, they remain watchful for clearer signs of future direction. Despite the calm, the potential for growth exists, but the market awaits further indicators to gauge Filecoin's trajectory. The ongoing scrutiny reflects a blend of confidence in its underlying technology and strategic caution, making Filecoin's next moves a focal point for market watchers.


Following recent analysis, while coins like RNDR, STRK, and FIL show promise, their short-term potential appears limited. In contrast, BlastUP stands out as the most promising for significant growth in the coming months. The strength of BlastUP derives from its compelling concept and integration within the robust Blast ecosystem, positioning it well for an uptick as the market enters a bull run. Investors looking for substantial growth this summer might find BlastUP to be the superior option.





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