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CryptoAltum trading volumes soar in Q2

CryptoAltum trading volumes soar in Q2

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The bear market and its extreme volatility is a good place to be for speculative traders, and CryptoAltum provides the perfect platform from which to make their trades.

Crypto winter is a place where many traders might choose to sit it out in stablecoins or cash and wait for the market to turn bullish once again. However, for some traders, the crypto bear market provides perfect conditions for betting against many of the cryptocurrencies.

Just as in the bull market, when first this crypto and then that one rises a decent percentage, and traders can jump in and out of the market to make their profits, the same is true when the market is going down, where opportunities abound to short and to also buy low.

Unless there are obvious opportunities to buy really low, a lot of the trades done by professional traders in a bear market are contract trades. Typical buying and holding strategies are probably not recommended for such market conditions.

A contracts platform like CryptoAltum is perfect for trading in these types of conditions. It makes everything simple, and just hitting the sell button instead of the buy, enables a trader to easily make returns from the falling market.

Benefits of using CryptoAltum

Low fees

With the CryptoAltum exchange, the customer comes first, and their satisfaction is the highest priority. Therefore users of the exchange can swap in and out of cryptos with no charge. In the current bear market, CryptoAltum wants to give their users every possible edge.

The CryptoAltum platform also gives traders up to $20,000 of free crypto conversions each month, and also gives a 25% bonus on all deposits.


CryptoAltum is legally not required to KYC its clients. It does not handle any fiat currencies and does not allow users to deposit any on the platform. It only deals in cryptocurrencies, and these do not currently need KYC requirements.

CryptoAltum’s platform is therefore a huge advantage to cryptocurrency traders. They can retain full anonymity, and never have to worry about the possibility that the host platform might inadvertently expose their private data, or that a hack might steal it and open them up to future scams.

Traders wishing to use the CryptoAltum platform can sign up here.

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