CZ, From Binance Accepts the Phil Ivey Virtue Poker Invitation, Will You?

CZ, From Binance Accepts the Phil Ivey Virtue Poker Invitation, Will You?

Do you love Poker? Do you consider yourself to have world class potential? CZ, the founder of Binance doesn’t and yet he’s playing in a Poker Tournament that you can take part in too on the Virtue Poker platform.

CZ from Binance, Phil “Tiger Woods of Poker” Ivey, Mr. Beast, Joe Lubin and more are all sitting round a table to play a poker tournament and to win your seat, all you have to do is take part in the “The Phil Ivey Golden Ticket NFT” launch, which is taking place on the Binance NFT marketplace on July 27 at 12pm UTC. If you win the auction, you get the chance to play in one of the most celebrated poker tournaments happening this year. Sitting alongside Vince Vaughan, Joseph Lubin for Ethereum, and Phil Ivey, the multi-World Series of Poker champion and now CZ, founder of Binance, if you win it, you get a place at the World Series of Poker Las Vegas 2021.

CZ from Binance was kindly challenged to a seat at the table by Phil Ivey over Twitter, and CZ graciously (and a little unsurely) accepted. The banter has been going back and forth between the two over Twitter in the last few days.

The question is, does CZ have a real game or is he bluffing? One thing is for sure, whether you win at this table or not, you will have made the most incredible memories and have an amazing story to tell your friends.

If on the other hand, you scoop the win amongst this lot, then you win a seat at the World Series of Poker Vegas 2021, as part of your NFT prize. You will also get $50,000 to donate to the charity of your choice.

To take part, register on Binance NFT Marketplace and Virtue Poker. Get ready for the tournament of your lifetime!


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