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Binance and Royal Thai Police Join Forces to Combat Crypto Crime

Binance and Royal Thai Police Join Forces to Combat Crypto Crime

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Crypto exchange Binance and the Royal Thai Police combine their expertise to fight the rise in digital-asset-related crimes. 

Binance and the Royal Thai Police will reportedly work together to improve the Thai police’s efforts in fighting against the surge in crimes involving crypto. 

Digital-Asset Related Crimes on the Rise

According to a report by the Bangkok Post, Binance is assisting the Royal Thai Police to improve its ability to combat crimes involving digital assets. Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, established an investigation team to help law enforcement fight the surge in crypto crimes. 

Jarek Jakubcek, head of law enforcement training at Binance, said:

“The cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and with its significant growth comes the inevitable presence of bad actors.” 

The Bangkok Post reports Jakubcek said Binance’s investigation unit would “enhance crime-fighting capabilities across jurisdictions and ensure a coordinated global response to threats posed by digital asset-related crime,” adding, “Investigation is definitely not an option anymore. It has become a necessity for many investigators to solve crypto crimes.”  

Exchanges Must Collaborate with Law Enforcement

Binance, with over 160 million registered users in over 80 countries, requires customer verification through its KYC procedures. With its broad reach, the exchange already does its part to address crime in the sector and works with local law enforcement to do so. 

Binance established a law enforcement training program that helps authorities fight against crypto-related crimes, focusing on how to trace blockchain transactions and interpret information. 

Mr Jakubceck commented on the importance of the exchange’s help in the crime-fighting task:

“Blockchain is very transparent, and we are taking advantage of this feature. Every time there is a transaction, we can see the money going from one address to another. We can see the amounts, dates, and times of the transactions.” 

Laser Eyes on Crypto Scammers

Thai authorities recently arrested five foreign nationals involved in a $27 million crypto scam. According to Thailand’s Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCBI), the individuals created a fraudulent crypto investment platform which scammed over 3,200 residents.  

Thai authorities are doing their part to address the prevalence of crypto scams. The Thai government recently urged social media giant Facebook to address the rising number of crypto and investment fraud scam ads on its platform. The government asked Facebook to block over 5,301 fake pages and fraudulent ads, to which over 200,000 people have fallen victim. 

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