Nigeria could be looking into blockchain technology to help boost its economy by $10 billion

Nigeria could be looking into blockchain technology to help boost its economy by $10 billion

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  • How blockchain technology could help grow the Nigerian digital economy.
  • The director-general of the NITDA says up to $10 billion could be benefited from blockchain

Director-general Kashifu Inuwa of the national information technology development agency in Nigeria (otherwise known as NITDA) has recently said that the country could potentially expect a revenue stream of up to $10 billion from the use of blockchain technology over the next decade.

Speaking at a stakeholder meeting in Abuja, the director-general explained how blockchain could benefit the Nigerian digital economy and that it would facilitate the development of such if needed.

Saying at the meeting, he said:

“We want Nigeria to be strategically placed to capture value from this economic potential of blockchain… Looking at our youthful population, which is mainly digitally native and with our position in Africa, we are looking at how we can get at least around six to 10 billion dollars by the year 2030.”

He further added:

“Blockchain is going to play a key role in terms of creating, tracing products and services.”

The director-general further went on to highlight a study from PricewaterhouseCoopers published back in October which found that blockchain technology could potentially add almost $2 trillion to the global gross domestic product over the next 10 years. As a result of this, it would make it 1.4% of the global GDP in 2030.

Furthermore, he added that Nigeria could incorporate such technology through its payment services, digital identity, customer engagement and more to boost this higher.

“We see the need for us to position our country well so we can capture value from the blockchain."

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