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HEX Big Pay Day is Less Than 30 Days Away!

HEX Big Pay Day is Less Than 30 Days Away!

I can’t believe it has almost been a year since I first introduced the Crypto Daily UK readers to the first cryptocurrency that is a Certificate of Deposit also known as a Time Deposit on the Blockchain. Here is the original article, “ Claim Your Free HEX for Bitcoin Holders!” Too bad so few listened because HEX has done phenomenally well.

Now, as we prepare for the end of the adoption phase of HEX. The early adopters who have staked their HEX that they purchased in the adoption lobby, on Uniswap, or other exchanges will be able to participate in the one time event called the Big Pay Day. 

What is The HEX Big Pay Day.

The Big Pay Day is the day all HEX users who committed to staking their coins, affectionately known as “The Staker Class”, will receive HEX credited to their stakes. These coins will not be minted until the completion of the stakes. The longer (max 10 years) a HEX Staker has committed to a stake and the larger their stake are the factors that decide how much one will receive. Also the more people that stake going up until the final day will factor into how much a Staker will receive. At the time of this writing on October 21st the total amount of HEX staked was 12.83%.

The HEX FOMO Has Begun!

The price of HEX has doubled in the last 30 days, hitting a high today of $.006. The ranking of HEX went from 21 earlier in the month to a high of 14 today. HEX passed Tron, and for part of the day was ahead of CryptoCom and Monero! Just imagine, HEX has 27 days left until Big Pay Day!

You might be wondering why people are FOMOing into HEX. 

  1. We have the obvious speculators who want to trade the news. 
  2. We have the people who are buying up as much HEX as they can pre BPD so that they can stake and receive free HEX.
  3. We have the long term HEX stakers who are fighting to accumulate as many HEX shares as they can pre BPD.

Numbers 1 and 2 are pretty obvious and in my humble HEXican opinion short sighted. For those who understand HEX it is number 3 that matters. The great thing about HEX is that the most important factor in earning the HEX trustless interest is the amount of shares you have. That rate is always rising. 

Right now it will cost me 11,019 HEX per T-Share. Each T-Share pays me a continually increasing share rate which today stands at 4.731 HEX. The key for my passive income in HEX is to accumulate as many T-shares as I possibly can. I do this by staking the HEX token. 

For example if I bought 1000 T-shares of HEX today at the current price it would be 11,019 HEX x 1000 x .0053 or $58,400. At a 4.731 HEX share rate that would pay me 4,731 HEX daily as trustless interest or $25 per day. In my humble opinion that is an amazing return. 

After the Big Pay Day event occurs on November 19th the share price and share rate are expected to rise significantly. I am expecting a share rate of greater than 10 but no one knows for sure until the actual event happens.

Watch my Video, “HEX Share Price and Share Rate Explained”.


2020 Historical Moments for HEX in No Particular Order.

  1. The domain was purchased. A 3 letter domain found in the dictionary. A marketers dream!
  2. The HEX price reached a peak of 116X and almost reached it again today.
  3. Staker App was launched, allowing HEX users to monitor their stakes, the HEX market and the actions on the HEX blockchain on their phones.
  4. HEX advertising was featured in Bloomberg, on Football matches in the UK, as well as Taxis and Buses in the UK.
  5. The HEX community were early adopters of Uniswap and helped make it popular. The Uni token airdrop was a huge payout for the community.

What Will Happen Post Big Pay Day for HEX?

Well, for the HEX Staker Class it is just a bump on our journey. For the crypto community as a whole I think it will be the beginning of the true brilliance of the first certificate of deposit on the Ethereum blockchain. Hold onto your shorts Crypto world, HEX is about to make some serious waves. Set your stakes because 3.69% is such a beautiful number.

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