Examining TradingView’s Cryptocurrency Trading Tools

Examining TradingView’s Cryptocurrency Trading Tools

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With hundreds of cryptocurrencies paired for trading in the market, traders have many choices to explore crypto trading. For most brokers, trading involves buying and holding coins and then selling for profits or trading the price differences on spot markets. Traders rely on excellent charting tools to find profitable setups to maximise returns.

TradingView: The Choice Platform for Traders

Over 50 million traders trust and use TradingView when trading crypto and other markets. TradingView is an advanced charting, trading, and social platform with custom and built-in tools for various uses, from tracking market data to executing and managing trades. The platform is a leading analytical hub, combining multiple features to provide traders with an unrivalled trading experience.

The best feature of TradingView is the flexibility it affords traders; they can combine several tools and trade more than one market simultaneously. They can also interact with other traders and find valuable fundamental data impacting markets.

Broker Integration

TradingView’s operability with third-party brokers allows traders to explore crypto markets without leaving the security and comfort of their preferred brokers while getting the best of both worlds. This feature permits live charts and trades executed via this platform; traders are subject to the trading conditions of their brokers and can track data from various sources.

The platform is notable for its extensive data range, going back several decades and with real-time updates. As a data aggregated platform, the platform’s low latency ensures traders get the latest prices when buying or selling assets.

Analytical Tools

The platform provides price history and relevant data for over 700 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, USDT, and BNB. The data for these are categorised by market cap, volume, circulating supply, price, and percentage changes. Traders can also find information about the issuers, products, updates, and crucial notices. From charting tools to indicators, pair screeners to coin screeners, TradingView provides a range of expansive analytical tools.

Crypto Pair Screener

A crypto pair screener is a tool that filters cryptocurrencies according to preferred parameters, ensuring that only the ones that meet certain criteria are listed and ranked in specific orders. Like stock screeners, crypto pair screeners help traders identify crypto pairs based on the market cap., trading volume, and even chart patterns.

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TradingView’s crypto pair screener allows traders to filter coins based on descriptive (CEX or DEX, price range, percentage price change, volume range, and quote coins), spot markets, futures, perpetual swaps, volatility, liquidity, and user-defined parameters. This tool is used extensively for identifying new and established coins with potential volatility and utility. TradingView allows traders to save screener templates and scan pair symbols.

Crypto Coin Screener

The crypto coin screener is another advanced tool that helps traders find promising coins and specific on-chain data. The tool allows traders to filter coins based on analytical metrics, such as market cap., circulating supply, maximum supply, addresses holding the coin, trading volume, price range, percentage price change, total value locked (TVL) on DEX, trading volume on CEX, and even price-to-earnings ratio.

The crypto coin screener on TradingView takes a step further, providing data on the gains and losses ratio for profitable and unprofitable addresses, off-chain metrics such as social activity for projects based on the coin, and social media sentiments (primarily from X). These help traders, both institutional (corporate bodies) and retail, to get more data when making crucial trading decisions.

Coin Heat Map

Taking crypto analysis further, TradingView’s heat map feature provides a bird’s-eye view of data, allowing traders to visualise cryptocurrencies based on parameters like trading volume, TVL, market cap., and performance. Using colours to mark different sections is a brilliant way to enhance analysis. TradingView’s coin heat map is customisable and extensively used by traders.

Beyond visualisation, the heat map tool helps traders identify and include or remove coins from their portfolio, streamline their assets to meet specific objectives and assess exposure to market volatility. Reading the coin heat map requires particular skills that traders can grasp quickly.

Charting Tools

Multiple timeframes, charts, indicators, drawing tools, patterns, and more are available on TradingView. The platform boasts an impressive array of charting tools that simplify technical analysis for traders. There’s a tool to measure every crypto-related data traders need to make trading decisions.

TradingView has over 15 chart types, over 400 customisable indicators, and over 110 smart drawing tools, allowing up to 16 charts per tab. The trading community has also imported 100,000+ indicators, which are available for public use. These tools are excellent for analysing the crypto market and finding profitable setups.

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Custom Alerts and Social Trading

Finally, TradingView provides a custom alert feature that sends email and phone alerts to traders when crypto prices take a significant move for assets on traders’ watchlists or portfolios. Custom alerts help traders stay abreast of market volatility without watching charts for endless hours.

The social trading hub is another powerful feature crypto traders use on TradingView. Social trading allows traders to see other traders' biases, sentiments, and analyses, interact and share ideas, and even stream their live trades on third-party platforms. Social trading also includes copy trading, a feature that allows traders to automatically copy the trades of experienced traders with proven records of profitability in crypto trading. The feature is customisable to reflect traders’ risk appetites.

Begin Trading With Confidence

Crypto trading on TradingView begins with broker integration and technical analysis to spot profitable opportunities. Traders can leverage the features and tools for enhanced analysis and portfolio growth with confidence.

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