Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before the Crypto Bull Cycle Begins

Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before the Crypto Bull Cycle Begins

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The next crypto bull cycle is predicted to begin toward the end of October. The signs of it have already begun to show. But it won’t be a wise decision to wait until then to buy the tokens. The bear market provides an excellent opportunity to buy the dip. 

Listed below are three cryptocurrencies that have the highest growth potential this year due to their market relevance and hype. 

1. Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix, as the name implies, is an altcoin inspired by Bitcoin. Its tokenomics bears many similarities to Bitcoin. But it doesn’t limit its scope to just that. 

Instead, Bitcoin Minetrix stands on its own right by putting forward what is probably one of the most creative Web3 use cases of 2023. The project allows anyone to enter the bitcoin mining market and profit from it with absolutely no technical skills. 

The possibility is opened up through blockchain tokenization of Bitcoin mining enabled by $BTCMTX tokens. This is how it works:

  • Buy $BTCMTX tokens

  • Stake them in the native stake-to-mine contract

  • Earn non-tradeable mining credits in exchange

  • Burn them

  • Earn BTC mining rewards. 


The mining credits are designed to be non-tradeable, thus eliminating the chances of hacks and thefts that are not unheard of in the crypto market. The system safeguards investments within the ecosystem. Unless you plan to sell $BTCMTX tokens, it is best to stake them in exchange for mining credits, as a result. It is a safer method, yes. But more importantly, it continues to earn you rewards during the holding period. 

Although mining has long been inaccessible to average investors, Bitcoin Minetrix has put forward an efficient strategy to tackle that. And therein lies its high growth potential. Anybody can choose the platform to grow their wealth through one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in the crypto market now. 


2. Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin has less room for growth and thus lackluster perspectives when compared to Bitcoin Minetrix, it is a good investment. With BTC selling under $30K now, it presents an excellent ‘buy-the-dip’ opportunity. 

The upcoming bitcoin-halving will be the next game-changer in the crypto market that will set it in a new direction. The important milestone has the potential to take the token up to $100K next year. To realize a steep surge like that, the series of bull run have to begin sometime this year. 

Analysts predict that BTC will cross the $30K market in October and reach as high as $50K by the end of December. 

3. Meme Kombat 

Meme Kombat is the latest craze in the meme coin market, which is known for its explosive pumps. According to market analysts, Meme Kombat is next in line for a strong price action. The token is predicted to climb 10X to 20X up the charts once it goes live. 

What’s the big deal?

To begin with, Meme Kombat is not the typical meme coin that solely relies on its theme. Instead, it is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency that enables investors to gamble on AI-generated battles between their favorite meme characters.

Since the launch a few days back, the presale has raised over $530K with a high 112% staking APY. Presale investors can begin to stake their tokens from the presale stage itself, thus giving them a strong competitive edge against late-comers. 

The play-to-earn utility of Meme Kombat explains the massive rush of traffic to the presale in the last few days. The bear market has urged investors to look for more robust projects that can weather the volatile market movements. Utility-rich projects like Meme Kombat have their attention, as a result. 

Long-term demand stream 

Staking is not the only source of income on Meme Kombat. There is a more interesting way users can monetize the platform. For example, they can gamble on meme battles and earn rewards in $MK. The mechanism underpins the sustainable, long-term demand for the token, giving it the capability to beat broader market downtrends. 

A large share of the tokens will be in the staking contract, away from the reach of market participants. The scarcity is further expected to support price action. Once the token is listed on crypto exchanges, analysts are anticipating a huge surge in the price of $MK tokens.

The logically designed tokenomics is another factor that plays to the advantage of the project. 

The play-to-earn meme coin has the potential to make its way toward the top 3 meme coins list in the first half of 2023. The first two seasons of Meme Kombat will go live this year, potentially drawing significant attention to the project and demand for the token.  


Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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