Step App CEO Kirill Volgin Unveils His Success Story: From a Recent $2.75M Raise to Teaming Up with Global Brands

Step App CEO Kirill Volgin Unveils His Success Story: From a Recent $2.75M Raise to Teaming Up with Global Brands

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In an exclusive interview with CryptoDaily, Kirill Volgin, the CEO of Step App and a seasoned expert in the cryptocurrency world, unpacked breakthroughs this team has achieved in the last few months. 

These range from executing the most significant Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on DAO Maker with a $2.75 million raise, to establishing itself as a titan in the move-to-earn (M2E) space, including joining forces with global brands like Nike, New Balance, Converse, and Lego, as well as tech giants Xiaomi and Acer.

Crypto's Best Launch of 2022

Kirill Volgin opens up about the foundational philosophy of Step App.

"Some projects aim for quick gains, but we're here to build a legacy."

A year after the official launch in Tokyo, he reflects on the journey with pride. “Kicking off in Japan was a smart move—it connected us with our most active users.”

The event at Tokyo Raise in Ginza, graced by celebrities like Usain Bolt, Japanese baseball star Kazuto Taguchi, hip-hop artist AK-69, and DJ Fehrplay, drew an extraordinary crowd of loyal fans from diverse countries, showcasing the widespread enthusiasm and international appeal of Step App.

"Our launch stood out as the most successful in the crypto space, buoyed by endorsements from global icons like Usain Bolt, a partnership with Untold—one of the world's largest music festivals—and other collaborations. The sheer number of people jumping on board, with millions signing up early and tens of thousands staking, really shows how much excitement there is around what we're doing.”

Bridging Web2 and Web3 Realms

Kirill explains how the concept of Step App emerged as a potential bridge between Web2 and Web3.

"In late 2021 and early 2022, while working on a new project, we noticed the move-to-earn concept and were instantly drawn to it."

“This idea really grabbed our attention, promising to bridge the web2-web3 divide—a milestone every crypto dev is shooting for. Previously, GameFi made strides in this direction, but honestly, play-to-earn games were subpar in quality, and crafting AAA games is a lengthy process. So, GameFi didn't quite hit the mark. Then came this fresh opportunity. Move-to-earn, inherently simpler than a game, could be a game-changer. When you get perks for just going about your day, it really ramps up how much users interact with the app. True to our hunch, the app started pulling in users who hadn't touched crypto or tech before, lighting up a genuine thrill." 

Reflecting on the challenges, Kirill acknowledges the impact of the bear market.

"The downfall of some popular move-to-earn projects hit us hard. We had to rebuild trust in the concept. But we remained focused, scaling down on ecosystem development to concentrate on the app. Facing these hurdles head-on, our team's dedication to the mission didn't just hold—it intensified. With Step 2.0, we didn't just get an upgrade; we got a quantum leap in potential. Currently, Step App uniquely dominates its niche as the only functioning and actively developing app.” 

Community-Owned Project

Step App’s CEO takes pride in being the first project to fully realize the concept of a community-owned project at this magnitude. His leadership was pivotal in orchestrating the largest Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on DAO Maker, after which Step App made 150X. 

"We pioneered the concept of community ownership in the crypto space. Unfortunately, while others tried to copy this model, they often missed the mark, sadly denting people's trust in such initiatives."

He explains the strategic decision behind this approach, "We consciously chose not to follow the traditional funding path. Our team was already well-equipped with the right tools and networks, and we knew just how much proper timing could make or break our success. So, we moved quickly and decisively."

Beyond Move-to-Earn: Step App's Journey to a Holistic Fitness and Wellness Ecosystem

Kirill enthusiastically speaks about the core of their ecosystem,

 "Our main product is undoubtedly Step App, which merges fitness with gaming, creating a unique experience where users earn through physical activity. We've evolved beyond just move-to-earn, going deeper into fitness with our AI Workout feature and gaming functionality. So, Step App is basically a train-and-earn app that makes working out a whole lot more fun.”

The app’s Partners Marketplace is the prime hub for connecting with elite brands that take a person's daily style way beyond just keeping fit. Giants like Nike, New Balance, Converse, Acer, Xiaomi, and LEGO are part of this diverse network, demonstrating Step App's broad approach to lifestyle integration.

With partners in the travel category like Tiqets,,, Hotel NYX Cancun, and Qatar, Step App accents people's lives beyond sports and is set to continuously introduce diverse offers and new partnerships, ensuring an evolving and vibrant user experience.

Kirill highlights how Partners Marketplace ingeniously fuses the virtual and the actual, offering real benefits exchanged for in-app earnings.

 “Crypto isn't just for the virtual world; it's making a real splash by letting you get things like Nike discounts with your gaming gains,” he explains.

Step App is a game-changer, not just another fitness app—it's building a world where fitness enthusiasts thrive.

"We have a wide range of products and projects such as Bridge, Launchpad, along with StepEX, our decentralized exchange; and the ecosystem is only going to grow."

Emphasizing the dual-token system within the Step ecosystem, Kirill explains,

"There are two main coins: FITFI, our governance token, which allows stakeholders to decide on key ecosystem developments, including token burns, as well as buy new in-game items. Then there's KCAL, our utility token, which users can spend on in-game items or earn through their activities."

Regarding recent developments, he shares,

"We've recently launched Step Wallet designed to make it easy and safe for Step App users to conduct transactions, such as topping up their accounts directly from their bank cards. Looking ahead, we aim to introduce trading capabilities, enabling users to exchange coins from any network into FITFI or KCAL."

Highlighting the unique aspects of Step App, he notes,

"Our established position in the crypto market and evolution from a move-to-earn app to a comprehensive fitness and wellness ecosystem are what set us apart. Our community's confidence has rocketed, with our token not just holding its ground but also appreciating, providing a secure investment horizon.”

The Future of Step App

For Kirill Volgin, 2024 is more than just another year; it's a milestone for monumental growth.

"We're not just thinking 10X; we're aiming for 100X. And it’s not just about big dreams; there’s a goal and a plan, and that’s Step App’s ambition." 

According to him, the continued expansion of Partners Marketplace is just the beginning.

"We have grand plans for expanding our marketplace, aiming to gain as many partnerships and renowned names as possible to seriously boost what it can offer the user. The goal is to have not just ten but hundreds of partners for our users to access, making the value and choice within our ecosystem unparalleled." 

Kirill also mentioned plans to add Step-branded products, such as sneakers, tripods, raincoats, and more. He and his team sing a different tune in the fitness and wellness industry.

“We aim to flip the traditional script on fitness, where you shell out cash for gym memberships and cross your fingers to get a fit body. With Step App, you're not just sweating it out for health's sake; you actually earn rewards as you exercise, all while enjoying a beautifully designed app sprinkled with engaging gaming mechanics.

We're polishing our AI coach and rolling out an array of fresh workouts, from yoga to push-up face-offs—keeping your fitness game on point and engaging. Wellness isn't taking a backseat in our plans too; we're mixing it up with features for tracking habits, tallying your water intake and calories, plus tailoring goals just for you. You can bet we've got some killer upgrades in the pipeline that'll seriously ramp up both the fun and value for the Step App community.”

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