The Top Cryptos Projected To Hit $2 in May, Can This New Meme Coin Follow?

The Top Cryptos Projected To Hit $2 in May, Can This New Meme Coin Follow?

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Digital currencies have come to stay and the crypto market is projected to hit $10T in the coming months. While the market is growing, investor's and traders' biggest concern is finding tokens with high-yielding potential. Unlike in the past, when all eyes were on Bitcoin, new projects have emerged. XRP (XRP) and Wormhole (W) have been projected to hit $2 in the coming weeks. KangaMoon (KANG), a new crypto project, has also been tipped to hit $1 in 2024. Let's find out why these are among the best coins to buy now. 

KangaMoon (KANG) Set for Breakout As Launch Date Draws Nearer

While XRP and Wormhole's bullish momentum has caught the attention of many investors, KangaMoon is about to breakout as the launch date closes in. While at the 5th stage of the presale, over 6000 people have acquired the token on presale. Further data reveals that more than 20,000 users have joined the community. The team has raised over $6M in presale.

As part of the team's promise to make the ecosystem lively, KangaMoon has partnered with RaidSharksBot, a telegram bot to boost engagement. The team will give out a $1000 monthly reward to users who participate in the thrilling raid. The platform is also giving KANG tokens as a reward to those who join in promoting the project online.

KangaMoon native token KANG, is sold for just $0.0196 with a 10% bonus. Early buyers have gotten 290% returns. With the listing across top exchanges coming soon, the KANG price might close in on the $1 mark in the year. Some analysts forecast over 50x rallies in the coming months. 

The games market is growing faster than anticipated, and projects like KangaMoon are the easier path to joining the billion-dollar market. Overall, KANG is on the path to becoming a blue-chip crypto. Some analysts have high hopes that it will outperform Solana-based coins this year. Above all, KANG is one of the best coins to buy now.  

Can Ripple (XRP) Price Reach $2 in May?

While still in April, Ripple has witnessed eventful months. There have been several speculations about its ongoing case with the SEC. However, with the case heading to an end, whales are now accumulating the token in anticipation of a rally. 

The market sentiment is not too convincing. According to CoinMarketCap data, Ripple's price gained a slight 5% in the past week, while the volatility is just 8%. However, if it breaks out from the $0.80 key resistance level which has proven difficult in the past weeks, Ripple could still head for $2 before the end of Q2. With ongoing accumulations experts think XRP will bull soon and pick it as a top crypto to invest in Q2.

Wormhole (W) Sees Massive Whale Accumulation as Price Surges

Launched barely a month ago, Wormhole (W) is already staking a claim in the trillion-dollar crypto market. Barely weeks after launch, it has already made the list of top crypto to invest in 2024. Wormhole market cap is already above $1B while 24-hour trading volume is $280M. 

In the past 30 days, the Wormhole price has hovered between $1.61 and $0.46, both of which are the ATH and ATL price marks. With the Wormhole Fear and Greed index at 70 (Greed), we might see more rallies in the coming days. As such, the $2 price point is attainable in May.  

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