CZ Claims Vladimir Putin To Be the Most Important Person in Blockchain 

CZ Claims Vladimir Putin To Be the Most Important Person in Blockchain 

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The CEO of the world’s biggest crypto platform, Changpeng Zhao has called the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin as the most influential person in the blockchain space.

Earlier this week, on RBC News, Zhao highlighted the Russian President as one of the most important people in the blockchain space as he went onto say that he thinks the bill on regulating digital money could be adopted in the Russian Federation in the near future.

Commonly known as CZ, the CEO said that Binance may be in some cases provide user information to Russian financial regulators and warned people involved in crime to stay away from the trading platform. 

“As a rule, we do not provide information to any regulator en masse. But in individual cases - yes [...] therefore, if you are engaged in crime, you don't sign up with Binance.”

Story Time

CZ went onto tell the story of how he ended up selling his house in 2014 so he could buy bitcoin before a huge drop from $600 to $200. The point of his story was to explain how his belief of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency will see impressive growth before the turn of the year.

The Ruble

As previously reported by CryptoDaily this week, Binance is getting ready to launch its first fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading pairs.

Speaking at a conference held in Moscow, CZ confirmed that fiat options were just around the corner:

“We’re adding support for fiat trading. In about two weeks or so, we should have support for Russian ruble trading, direct.”

It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out. For more news on this and other crypto updates, keep it with CryptoDaily!

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