Stories By Robert Johnson

More News September 11, 2023

Changing the Game: How TeamToken Turned a 45 ETH Presale Raise Into a $1M Playbook

TeamToken is stepping onto the field as a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly merges the worlds of sports and blockc...

More News September 11, 2023

Top 5 tips for choosing the best experts to follow as a PrimeXBT copy trader

Copy Trading is an innovative way for new traders to leverage the skills and knowledge of more experienced, successful t...

More News September 11, 2023

According to Match Systems, 118 BTC has been withdrawn from Hydra stashes a year after it was blocked

Over the past three days, cryptocurrency assets totaling more than 118 BTC (worth more than $3 million at the current ex...

Interview September 9, 2023

Unlocking the Secrets to Successful Tokenomics: An Interview with Matty, Token Economics Lead at and Logos

DeFi, a once-flourishing bastion of financial innovation, is experiencing turbulent times. According to BanklessTimes, a...

DeFi September 8, 2021 announces “Xenia”; a 90 million $FVT liquidity program, the innovative DeFi project building a suite of dApps for DAOs of the future, yesterday launched two new l...

Regulation January 10, 2021

20% tax regime set to occur in South Korea on crypto profits

Earlier this week, the government in South Korea issued an amendment that would help bring in tax profits from trading c...

Regulation January 9, 2021

Ripple’s David Schwartz reveals his current crypto holdings as the company responds to the Tetragon lawsuit

David Schwartz reveals what assets he holds.

SEC January 8, 2021

Brad Garlinghouse attempts to clear the air around the XRP/SEC lawsuit

Ripple CEO answers community questions on SEC lawsuit.

Bitcoin January 8, 2021

PayPal daily crypto transactions spike as BTC flies above $41,000

The price of Bitcoin has been continuously increasing over the past month fitting new all-time highs nearly every week/o...

ERC20 January 8, 2021

BTSE Launches Wrapped Monero as ERC20 Token

Cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset technology group BTSE has launched an Ethereum-based version of Monero.