How One Bitcoin Transaction to India Has Changed This Families Life

How One Bitcoin Transaction to India Has Changed This Families Life

As a part of a recent giveaway, one bitcoin investor ended up sending $2.6k in BTC rather than a gold bar.

This might sound a bit strange but bear with me.

On September 19th, Alistair Milne announced a giveaway on his Twitter. Now, the winner has been revealed as well as other details on different giveaways in a thread posted earlier this week on 22nd October.

The thread goes onto for a bit but here’s what’s happened.

Milne, the investor, entrepreneur and CIO at Atlanta Digital Currency Fund selected a winner to his Denarium gold bar (worth 2.6k). But there was a problem.

The winner that Milne had picked (at random) was based in India meaning that if he were to send the rare bar of gold across the world, then there was a big risk of it being lost, stolen or even seized. Even if you were to attempt it, you would be out of pocket very quickly!

Luckily for Milne, it turns out the gold bar itself wasn’t what the winner, Krish Patel actually wanted but instead it was the value of it that was, well… valuable to him!

The two spoke privately and decided that bitcoin would be the best way to send him the money instead and so that’s exactly what happened.

Coming in a limited edition of only a hundred products to ever exist, the Denarium Bitcoin Decennium 2019 gold bar is a device that combines a 1.097-ounce gold bar and a built-in Bitcoin cold storage wallet.

Anyway, the reason for sending bitcoin is because it is borderless and is an easy asset to transfer. 

As Milne puts it:

“Gold is pretty, shiny, etc. but you can't send it anywhere in the world within minutes as you can with Bitcoin.

.... this is why I Bitcoin. No borders. No limits. No permission. No trust.

Just two strangers on the Internet transacting & one family's life changed”

You can read the full thread here.

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