Crypto Lending CEO Encourages Buy-In on the Dip

Crypto Lending CEO Encourages Buy-In on the Dip

Buying into a dip is a lot easier than you think. In any market, not just crypto, when an asset shifts lower, the tendency for those who were waiting for the breakdown is to freeze and fail to actually buy-in.

However, the chief executive officer of Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky, has strongly urged his followers to go out and buy into the recent dip experienced by bitcoin

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In an interview on August 23rd with CNBC, the CEO made the prediction that we would end up dropping down to the $8k range just before rallying up. You can watch the interview taking place in Toronto on CNBC here.

At the end of last week, Mashinsky said:

I’m not saying Mashinsky has a Delorean but…

But on a serious note, around a month ago, Mashinsky had predicted that bitcoin would see a loss to $8.6k before restarting its uptrend. According to the CEO, the US dollar is slowly coming to an end of a cycle when it comes to its global dominance. Bitcoin is coming out of nowhere now and has been for the past ten years. The non-correlated asset could see investors eventually put their capital in the top cryptocurrency. This would then prompt an ascent to new highs.

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