Meme coin SCREAM wows attendees at Token 2049 and Blockchain Life 2024 in Dubai.

Meme coin SCREAM wows attendees at Token 2049 and Blockchain Life 2024 in Dubai.

 At the BlockChain Life 2024 forum, which took place recently in Dubai, the cryptocurrency community was pleasantly surprised as, for the first time ever at the forum, a Solana-based meme coin was introduced! This meme coin is $SCREAM, symbolized by the ghostly mask from the horror movie 'Scream.' #SCREAM was also showcased at the international conference Token2049 and has already garnered significant attention due to its unique concept and creative marketing.

At the BlockChain Life 2024 and Token2049 events, representatives of the $SCREAM team focused on attracting attention to their project, and it must be said they succeeded.

The team speakers elaborated on the advantages of their project over other meme coins.


$SCREAM team speaker discusses advantages over other meme coins.                                

It is worth noting that the forum participants were friendly and showed great enthusiasm in learning about the project. People eagerly took photos and tagged the project in their social media posts, further adding to its popularity.


Jeremy Firster - Global Head of Enterprise Partnerships Cardano Foundation.

"Today's events at BlockChain Life 2024 and Token2049 have shown that $SCREAM is not just another meme coin, but an innovative project unafraid to step into the limelight, make its mark, and capture the attention of the crypto community, intriguing new participants.", - noted Jeremy Firster Global Head of Enterprise Partnerships - Cardano Foundation.

 As part of the $SCREAM project's development roadmap, the creation of a virtual ecosystem is envisioned, where participants will identify and warn communities about investment scams. Moreover, they will employ entirely different investigation methods. Each participant who contributes will be rewarded with $SCREAM tokens.



" We believe that memes are not just entertainment; they are a cultural phenomenon capable of changing the world, and there's no room for scams here. That's precisely why we created $SCREAM - to unite the crypto community and prevent the loss of trust in meme coins," noted a representative of the $SCREAM team.

 Experts have already begun discussing the prospects of the new meme coin $SCREAM, noting its potential to attract attention to cryptocurrencies among new audiences and expand the boundaries of the crypto industry.

 The creation of such a project was influenced by two factors: the high level of scam growth in cryptocurrency and the inspiring work of the leading whistleblower in the cryptocurrency space - ZachXBT.

Last Call to Buy $SCREAM

Shortly after presenting their project at crypto forums in Dubai, the SCREAM team announced the start date of their presale - April 25, 2024. This was confirmed by a tweet on the project's official account.




Is it worth buying $SCREAM now?

It's definitely worth it, as it's a kind of unique project. How many meme coins do you know that, even before their release, boldly and openly announced themselves? 

The $SCREAM project certainly deserves attention because it's very charismatic; they have already proven they are capable of extraordinary performances, and therefore tomorrow, this could bring them the popularity that will contribute to a x1000 growth. 

The project is very appealing, useful, as it has a real mission. So, if you want to get $SCREAM at the start, follow the link, as tomorrow it could bring you x10 or x1000.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 


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