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You Can Now Receive BTC Lightning Network Payments via your Smartwatch

You Can Now Receive BTC Lightning Network Payments via your Smartwatch
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If you are an owner of a smartwatch, you will now be able to receive Bitcoin lightning payments in just seconds. This is thanks to the new BlueWallet app.

Developed by BlueWallet, the app enables users to generate a QR code on their watch which someone else will be able to scan with their smartphone to quickly send them payment via the Lightning Network, all with a few quick taps on their smartwatch.

Nuno Coelho is the product and user experience engineer at the firm, as well as being its co-founder, who recently sat down with CryptoSlate in an interview. Coelho said the Lightning Network is encouraging developers to come up with innovative products and platforms that would help the adoption of digital assets like Bitcoin. He said:

“We were not happy with the current status of the wallet market, in particular, the wallet we were using at the time. So we decided to team up on this effort and build the solution we wanted to have.”

The co-founder was later asked on how the wallet actually works to which he said:

“BlueWallet is a mobile app available for iOS and Android. It works by providing users with an interface to interact with the bitcoin and Lightning Network. It supports different types of wallets for different needs and uses cases, and some features, like the possibility to have flexible fees or full-encryption to make user usage more secure and the experience with bitcoin smoother.”

In talking about the next steps for the Lightning network, Coelho said:

“Lightning is just impressive from an engineering point-of-view and exciting from a “bootstrapping a network” point-of-view. The growth we have seen in one year, it’s something you don’t see many times on your lifetime. In terms of development, every single feature, optimization, and improvement are just gifts that we as a community will take care and make sure they get out there.”

In terms of the future of the wallet, Coelho said:

“We will be focused on improving our on chain reliability and experience. At the end of the day, onchain is and will be the most important layer that can’t be dismissed or ignored. Users can expect bech32 native addresses, multisig and batch transaction and the ability to connect their own full nodes to the wallet.”

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