Tyler Winklevoss: “If Bitcoin Breaks 10k, You Can Bet It’s Going To Break 15k”

Tyler Winklevoss: “If Bitcoin Breaks 10k, You Can Bet It’s Going To Break 15k”

If nothing else, the Winklevoss twins are known for gambling. Gambling on Bitcoin that is.

Following the Facebook lawsuit between the brothers and the social networks CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, the twins walked away with millions. Can you guess what they spent their money on?


With the Bitcoin price going up over the past few weeks, Tyler Winklevoss has taken to Twitter to speak his mind on the sudden price momentum. The co-founder of the Gemini exchange posted on Twitter to say that if the flagship cryptocurrency can reach the $10k mark, then you can almost guarantee it will be able to make further gains.


The contrasts between where the Bitcoin price was in December 2018 to where it is now are astounding. In December, the price of BTC was around $3,200 but now we are moving up towards the $9,500 range.

This is a huge turnaround for the leading cryptocurrency. During this stage, there was less than a twenty percent chance that the price could reach $10,000 by June this year. Even though we haven’t hit that price mark yet, we’re well on the right tracks.

Tyler isn’t the only person to predict a price surge for Bitcoin though. The co-fouder of Fundstrat, Tom Lee has claimed that the price will take out the all-time high of £20,000 with ‘ease’.

As reported by CCN:

“But even as Bitcoin already shows signs of recovery, speculation is building that other movements in the cryptocurrency space could push the price up further. Investor Max Keiser claimed this week that the launch of Facebook’s Libra could push bitcoin’s price beyond its all-time high. Keiser described CEO Mark Zuckerberg as “Satoshi’s useful idiot.” Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire made a similar prediction this month, claiming the launch of Libra could push bitcoin past $10,000 as early as June.”

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