Is Ethereum Ubisoft’s Answer To Fortnite?

Is Ethereum Ubisoft’s Answer To Fortnite?

The French video game behemoth, Ubisoft has announced its effort to develop blockchain gaming on Ethereum.

This was a rumour that surfaced earlier this month by the French publication Les Echos that says Ubisoft is already a few months into the development of its blockchain products by utilising Ethereum.

The French firm is hoping to monetise and improve upon their existing integration of in-game items and other unlockables too. 

It seems that Ubisoft wants to take advantage of blockchain and Ethereum so it can help itself against its competitor and creator of the worldwide phenomenon Fortnite, Epic Games. 

Is Gaming taking over Social Media?

This week saw the National research Gropu report that teenagers were putting in more hours in Fortnite than Facebook, YouTube or even Netflix.

Just let that sink in. 

This suggests that social media is trending towards gaming with the younger generation.

A financial analyst from Midcap Partners, Charles-Louis Plande attempted to argue that Ubisoft hadn’t suffered “the most” from the success of Fortnite. Especially considering the difference in user demographics. 

One thing you have to remember is that Ubisoft makes games like Assassins Creed, Far Cry and Tom Clancy which are all targeted at mature audiences (just look at the game ratings). Fortnite, on the other hand, is aimed at teenagers.

Ubisoft & Crypto

Ethereum’s blockchain could be the perfect place for Ubisoft to make moves into the crypto space. 

Whereas I wouldn’t say it’s vital that Ubisoft release a game to fight Fortnite, it would definitely help but I can’t see it happening anytime soon. 

Fortnite is free to play and Ubisoft are slowly getting closer to EA in terms of money grabbing with every game they release. 

I mean, look at PUBG. Whereas it’s a great game and similar to Fortnite, it doesn’t even scratch the surface.

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