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BitMEX Being Investigated by CFTC As ‘Dr Doom’ Gets Salty Over Hayes Debate

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) based regulator in the United States is apparently investigating the crypto giant BitMEX, according to Bloomberg sources. The sources, such as Tim Culpan have cited people familiar with the matter speaking on July 19th, the CFTC believes that BitMEX allowed US Residents to use its platform to trade.  Breaking news*U.S. REGULATOR PROBING CRYPTO EXCHANGE BITMEX ON CLIENT TRADES@BitMEXdotcom under investigation, just two weeks after that @Nouriel v @CryptoHayes Tangle in Taipei. — Tim Culpan (@tculpan) July 19, 2019 The current law in the United States, the country is just one nation to be excluded...

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Peter Schiff Believes Bitcoins Crash Was Caused by HIM

Cryptocurrency is a bit like a superhero movie in the sense that it has both its heroes and villains. Some of those heroes include Mike Novogratz and Tim Draper who are both bullish on Bitcoin, but then there are the ‘villains’ like Nouriel Roubini and Peter Schiff who are either sceptical on Bitcoin or purely hate it. I’d personally class Schiff as a sceptic on BTC as the gold bug has debated the negatives of Bitcoin several times in the past. That being said, Schiff has recently boasted that he has cracked the case of the plunging Bitcoin price, in...

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Security Breach Found on 0x Protocol, Trading Temporarily Suspended

You may have heard of the decentralised exchange protocol 0x, which has now been suspended by the core developing team after a vulnerability was found in its code. The blog post says that the 0x project was informed about the breach in its exchange smart contract by third-party security - Sam Sun. The contract that was impacted by the contract is responsible for filing and cancelling orders, as well as executing transactions and registering new contracts. The breach on the protocol would have allowed attackers file orders with fraudulent signatures. The team at 0x has immediately halted traded on its...

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Dr. Doom Replaces Bitcoin Hatred with Facebook Hate

The well-known Bitcoin hater, Nouriel Roubini - AKA Dr Doom - seems to have moved on from the leading cryptocurrency as he is now aiming his hate towards Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra. Following the announcement of the upcoming stablecoin, Roubini said that Libra is blockchain “blockchain in name only”. Money Grabber On top of this, the New York University economics professor argued that Facebook’s cryptocurrency was only designed as a money grabber for the social network to up profits. He goes on to say that Libra is a “monopoly scam” given that Facebook has billions of users all across the...

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Renowned Hedge Fund Manager Says BTC’s Phenomenal Growth Suggests it could be a Good Investment

Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency have had its fair share of haters over the past few years. But it’s also had a lot of supporters just like the founder of the Mobius Capital Partners and an emerging markets fund manager, Mark Mobius. Mobius said that if Bitcoin is able to continue growing at the rate its at then he would consider investing in the digital asset. Speaking earlier this month, Mobius said that everyone's portfolio should hold ten percent of gold to hedge against the global economy and the performance of the equities market. Speaking whilst in Singapore to Bloomberg last...

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