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South Korean Bank Not Up For A CBDC

A Central Bank Digital Currency, or a CBDC is a centralised digital currency designed by a central bank in order to integrate blockchain technology within their current products and offerings. CBDCs are not cryptocurrency as such, however, they do share some similarities. It is important to note that whilst there are a number of CBDC models around, no central banks have rolled out a fully fledged CBDC, as of yet. South Korea and the South Korean Central Bank are the most recent bank to hit the headlines for their engagement with CBDCs, according to recent reports, it seems that although...

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Keeping Track Of Your Investments, All In One Place

As most of you will know, for those who invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum alike, keeping track of your investments and your portfolio is a vital part of staying updated with how your coins and tokens are performing in the crypto markets. The Coin Market app gives you quick and easy access to the prices of your cryptocurrency prices, charts and details, helping to make you a much better investor The app includes several unique and exciting features:   Showing you the performance and chart data of over 1400 cryptocurrencies straight from Coin Market Cap.   Details of cryptocurrency prices...

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