Cardano Team Says They’re Ready To Submit Proposal For Final Alonzo Testnet
Technology August 27, 2021

Cardano Team Says They’re Ready To Submit Proposal For Final Alonzo Testnet

According to Hemsley, their team is on track to submit the proposal for the final testnet version release on September 1...

Business March 1, 2021

FD7 Ventures opens office in Bangalore to bolster blockchain development

The new office will operate through FD7's micro-fund targeting US$250 million in investments, with a focus on building o...

Business February 26, 2021

FD7 initiates conversion of BTC assets to ADA and DOT

FD7 Ventures has initiated the processed of conversion for their Bitcoin (BTC) to Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT) and e...

Crypto December 14, 2020

Is Africa the growth Hub for DeFi? Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson thinks so

Charles Hoskinson recently revealed in a YouTube video that the long-term development focus for the company will primari...

Goguen December 7, 2020

“Token locking” feature to be prominent on the Goguen upgrade for Cardano

He was recently announced by Cardano that the new hard fork for the network will happen in the middle of this month. 

Crypto December 7, 2020

Goguen upgrade set to go full steam ahead in December for Cardano

Cardano is more than likely a project that you will have heard about. 

Goguen November 2, 2020

Goguen project from Cardano aims to release by March 2021

One project that has been relatively quiet over the past few months is Cardano. 

--- October 1, 2020

eToro Adds ADA and TRX Staking Rewards With the Promise of More to Come

Cryptocurrency brokerage and social trading exchange eToro has announced staking support for two of the industry’s most...

--- September 13, 2020

Eurasian country, Georgia working with Charles Hoskinson to integrate further blockchain revolutions

Mamuka Bakhtadze, the former prime minister of Georgia has recently discussed the importance of blockchain and its poten...