Is Africa the growth Hub for DeFi? Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson thinks so
Crypto December 14, 2020

Is Africa the growth Hub for DeFi? Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson thinks so

Charles Hoskinson recently revealed in a YouTube video that the long-term development focus for the company will primari...

Goguen December 7, 2020

“Token locking” feature to be prominent on the Goguen upgrade for Cardano

He was recently announced by Cardano that the new hard fork for the network will happen in the middle of this month. 

Crypto December 7, 2020

Goguen upgrade set to go full steam ahead in December for Cardano

Cardano is more than likely a project that you will have heard about. 

Goguen November 2, 2020

Goguen project from Cardano aims to release by March 2021

One project that has been relatively quiet over the past few months is Cardano. 

--- October 1, 2020

eToro Adds ADA and TRX Staking Rewards With the Promise of More to Come

Cryptocurrency brokerage and social trading exchange eToro has announced staking support for two of the industry’s most...

--- September 13, 2020

Eurasian country, Georgia working with Charles Hoskinson to integrate further blockchain revolutions

Mamuka Bakhtadze, the former prime minister of Georgia has recently discussed the importance of blockchain and its poten...

--- September 3, 2020

As Cardano gets further involved in DeFi, Hoskinson believes that it will be a much better project than MakerDAO

As the sector of DeFi starts to gain momentum throughout the world and specifically the crypto industry, the creator and...

--- August 12, 2020

2020 really is Cardano’s year as GitHub data indicates the network has the highest developer activity

Over the course of 2020, Cardano has had an exciting year and has enjoyed activity from its developers. 

--- August 7, 2020

ADA token gets a listing on Bitfinex platform

Bitfinex announced early this week that the third generation blockchain for Cardano has now got its native token listed...