ADACash Issues Over $1.5 Million In Rewards One Month After Launch

ADACash Issues Over $1.5 Million In Rewards One Month After Launch

ADACash, a rewarding staking project for Cardano users, has released its first report on payouts to holders of the ADACASH reward token, exceeding expectations.

The report reveals that the project has managed to issue in excess of $1.5 million in rewards, topping even the forecasts of market analysts, as the project has managed to reach a market capitalization in excess of $40 million in just over two weeks after deployment. The first 10,000 holders milestone was achieved in thirteen days, and the number is on the rise as users are flocking to the platform, attracted by 10% passive income rates. The growing metrics has also pushed the price of the project’s native ADACASH token, which has seen a significant climb to $0.00000028 from $0.00000025 in under 24 hours.

“We know that users on the decentralized market are attracted most by high return yields, but we are not a pump and dump project, we offer real value. The core purpose of ADACash is giving rewards for holding the token, an effort that does not require users to keep racing back and forth between price charts. We offer a stable source of income and a reasonable price tag for our native asset to make sure the user base grows and our product gains value in both market valuation and functions on offer in the future,” as stated by Zach Horn, Vice President at ADACash.

The ADACash project started out as a Cardano Rewards Token released on the Binance Smart Chain. The idea behind ADACash is allowing users to hold the native ADACASH token and receive Cardano blockchain ADA tokens in return as rewards through a staking system that relies on reflections from each transaction on the network to all holders.

Users who buy the shares of the ADACash cryptocurrency are entitled to earn passive income that is directly proportional to the growth of the shares’ value on the market. Higher amounts of holdings will result in higher $ADA reflections issued through the Binance Smart Chain.

The ADACash team has repeatedly stated that the project aims to become a pioneer in reflection reward token standards and offer users the safest haven for passive income generation on the Binance Smart Chain network.

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